Numberzilla: Number Match Game Mod Apk(unlimited Money)download

Download Numberzilla: Number Match Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money).

Download Numberzilla: Number Match Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money).Do you want to download the latest version of Numberzilla: Number Match Game Apk mod.

Millions of people around the world love Numberzilla – the TOP numbers game! The best childhood brain teaser with well-known rules has now returned with a brand new, fun look. People say that this super addictive and relaxing puzzle game helps their mental health and makes them relax especially after a hard day. Enjoy daily achievements and unlock cool badges that will definitely cheer you up!

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You will meet our cute mascot Numberzilla and his friends – Smart Croissant, Sassy Avocado, Watermelon Warrior and others. They will happily guide you through the rules of our Zen Numbers Game and keep track of your achievements. You get fun badges with characters to break time records, collect game points and complete the logic games.

We told you, Numberzilla really stands out from other logic and math games!


🔹Find and cross out the pairs of the same numbers (4-4, 2-2, 9-9) or those that add up to 10 (2-8, 3-7, etc.). Two numbers can be removed by tapping them one by one.
🔹In the number puzzle Numberzilla, the pairs must be next to each other. You can cross them out vertically or horizontally, and you can also make a pair where one number is in the last cell in the row and another in the first cell in the row below.
🔹There can also be blank cells between the 2 matching numbers.
🔹The goal is to cross out all the numbers and clear the board.
🔹If there are no more numbers to remove, press ➕ to add numbers below.


❤️CLASSIC is an “endless” fun mode: you have unlimited time and field to set a score record! If you run out of moves, just add extra lines below by pressing ➕.

🧨SURVIVE. The field is limited and a block of numbers falls down, similar to the “Tetris” game. If the board is full – you lose!

🔥DYNAMIC. Once you complete the level, you will get the 🔀 Shuffle button. Press 🔀, it will multiply your points and take you to the next level. Turn on your cross logic!


For extra fun we have prepared something special for you. Guess the code daily challenge. Guess the number code, crack the safe and earn daily bonuses. Every day you have to guess a new security code.
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This simple mind game is also known as Numberama, Take Ten, or 10 Seeds. You can play it either online or offline using a piece of paper, but these days we definitely prefer mobile versions of number puzzle games that you can play on the go 🙂 Solving one puzzle a day will help you with logic, memory, and math skill training !


Boosters will help you play puzzle games faster and have more chances to clear the board. You can use:
💡 HINTS. Thinking about what to do next? Use hints to make gameplay easier
💣 BOMBS. This useful booster will help you get rid of extra numbers with one tap. Just move the red area to select the target. As a result, you blast 9 numbers at once!
🔄 EXCHANGE. Use this booster to change the positions of any two numbers in a numbers game.


Visit the Numberzilla store where you can buy boosters whenever you need them without having to watch the rewards ads. You can also buy “NO Ads” and enjoy non-stop gaming fun.


You can definitely play Numberzilla for free, but with premium access we’re taking you to a whole new level:
👑 Unlock unlimited clues, swaps and bombs.
👑 No ads will ever interrupt the puzzle solving process.

Come and enjoy our magical, relaxing number matching game! Numberzilla is always here for you!💞

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