Best Free Android Apps for March 2021: Brightness Manager, an Amazing Browser, and Much More

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Best Free Android Apps for March 2021: Brightness Manager, an Amazing Browser, and Much More

1. Access Dots

With apps that an keep asking for camera, microphone,storage and location permissions, it’s a bit hard to check an app is currently use these things. Well, Access Dots by just showing you dots in the status bar.

After you have enabled the Access Dots, whatever you open an certain applications, you can see a green dot,black dot or an orange dot blinking on the top of your screen. The green dot here the indicates that the application is using your camera,black dot the indicates that application use the location whereas the orange light dot indicates that the microphone is being used.Best Free Android Apps for March 2021.


2. Brightness Manager

Changing the brightness levels for apps on every time when you open them can get tedious. What we tell you there is way out? Briightness Manager can help you set specific perform brightness levels for each app on your phone. The application’s UI is a very minimal, and it’s very easy to use. You just have to add the apps on play store for which they want to set a different brightness level 1 to 10 and then Brightness Manager handles a everything else.

This can be very helpful if a certain app does not support the dark mode and you want to open that app in a dark mode room. One thing that I very like about this app is that you can set’s a perform default brightness level for when you exit a every app that you want a certain brightness level so it jumps from one level to another instantly.Best Free Android Apps for March 2021.


3. Stargon Browser

There are tonnes of browser apps on the Play Store and browser you want apk file, so what sets this one most apart? Well, Stargon Browser has features that most browsers do not. You can glide the through webpages as if you were flip the an ebooks. A one tab at the bottom right consists of every shortcuts that is built into this apps.

You can download images and videos from the website the features not available all browsers. You can also translate the page with just one click in an every language. Switching to desktop mode, dark mode,light mode and capturing screenshots is also very easy on this browser.Best Free Android Apps for March 2021.


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