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Bixby Voice – “Bixby talks”

∙ Talk to Bixby
Press and hold the Bixby key, then tell Bixby what you want to do: “What time is it now?”
Bixby will listen to you while you’re holding the key. When you release the key after you’ve finished speaking, Bixby will get to work.

∙ Wake Bixby with your voice
You can call Bixby without touching your phone. Register your voice so Bixby responds whenever you say “Hi Bixby” or give a command like “Hi Bixby, How is the weather today?”

∙ Use hints
If you’re not sure what to say to Bixby, don’t sweat it. Bixby will provide suggestions based on the app you’re using right now. Tap a hint or say it out loud.
You’ll see even more suggestions when you go to the full-screen view of Bixby Voice.

∙ Talk or type
You can use Bixby even when you can’t speak out loud.
When it’s not convenient to talk to Bixby, you can tell Bixby what to do by typing, or get suggested commands by tapping SEARCH FOR HINTS in Bixby full view.

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