Courtney Eaton to Star in “Max Weber” Movie in Perth Australia

Early on in life, Courtney Eaton was probably named after her great-grandmother who was the name of one of her great-grandparents. Early life would have left her with lots of clues as to her heritage but at this point in time, no one really knew. Courtney’s great-grandmother was born in Australia, was married twice, had three children, and lived in Western Australia when the English came. Her parents, Stephen and Beverley, are both still alive and living in Perth today.

Courtney Eaton


Some of the clues are what she says she believes the Gods told her when she was a child. She says she once saw a white snake that reminded her of the Eternals, the Egyptian gods. It spoke to her and offered her a refuge. When she grew up, she decided to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and study at Bunbury College. It was there, in fact, that she would get to know her Uncle Bertram, who was a scholar and teacher of religion in Wicca. He became her spiritual teacher.


As she grew up, she became more immersed in books about mythology, all of which she says was important to her development as a person. When she was twenty years old, she began to seriously consider becoming an actress in Australia, which was unheard of at the time. She was a very busy woman and yet she found time to pursue her acting goals. That’s when Mad Max: Blood Runs Dry came out, and she suddenly found herself starring in this epic action/adventure movie.


After this, she appeared in the lead role of Selena Gomez in the remake of Home Again. Then, she appeared in the second installment of the fury road, titled Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. She also appeared in the third installment of the series, titled Maze Runner: The Last Resort. Between these movies, Eaton has proven that she can play serious roles, as well as humorous ones, quite well. Her career is going great, which is why we are only just now learning about her incredible Mad Max experience.


This past June, Courtney Eaton stepped into the role of Max, the head of the mad max franchise, in the highly-anticipated, “MAX POP UP” film! She had been cast before this role because of her fantastic performance as Jackel in the first “mad max” movie. She played a vital and pivotal role in that film, playing a character known as the Scaffinch. As you may not know, Scaffinch is the first character that Max meets in the series.


It was through the efforts of director George Miller that Eaton’s name became attached with the project, though he had first auditioned for the role of Max in 2021. He wanted her to reprise her role as Jackel in the next “mad max” film, but couldn’t agree to her doing it. Eventually, he changed his mind and gave her the chance to star as Max for the second go around. Through the years, there have been rumors that Eaton has been offered bigger and better roles in the future. However, according to her Australian promoter, Courtney Eaton has decided to focus on playing Max for the time being.


While attending a fashion graduation in Australia, Eaton had the chance to spend some time with young fans of hers. She shared with them her experiences from her role as Jackel in the first “mad max” film, explaining how she ended up working with Miller on the sequel. She also discussed her love of traveling and sharing stories with other young Aussies. Although she didn’t reveal what role she’ll be playing in the future, it is safe to assume that it will involve some form of Max Weber.


Out of all the famous characters that have been catapulted to the Aussie movie scene over the past few decades, only Max Weber has managed to capture the Aussie film industry by storm. Thanks to Courtney Eaton’s role as Max in the third “mad max” movie, George Miller has managed to solidify his place as one of the country’s leading directors. For fans of the western genre, this can only mean good things for more “max” movies to come.

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