Cryptocurrency Is Going To Legal In Pakistan

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The cryptocurrency (bitcoin, tenup, litecoin, ethereum) is going to be legal in Pakistan.

What is Cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency is a digital or┬ávirtual currency. Cryptocurrency was develop to work as an exchange of medium. Cryptocurrencies are ‘decentralized currency’. Which means that they are not controlled by one govt or person.

Waqar Zaka Move Court To Remove Ban

Waqar Zaka

Who Is Waqar Zaka?

Waqar Zaka is the Tv Host, Singer, Actor, He was also assistant vice president of Television channel ARY Musik. He is also a Reality show’s host.

Twitter Account Of Waqar Zaka

Work Done by Waqar zaka

Waqar Zaka is not a Government worker MNA or MPA, he is a comman man. Waqar Zaka works are

  • he changed the computer book which was not changing since 1997.
  • He unban the Pubg in Pakistan
  • Filed the case for cryptocurrency.
  • Filed the case against FIA for arresting people for ‘carrying Bitcoins in january’
  • Trying to bring Paypal in Pakistan
  • Trying to bring Amazon in Pakistan
  • He went court for the justice of common people

These are the some major works done by Waqar Zaka, where as it was not his work.

WAQAR ZAKA filed the case in Sindh High Court asking for the removal of ban from Digital Currency in Pakistan who declared it illegal in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka said that digital currency will bring more investment in Pakistan and can decrease the unemployment in Pakistan via MINING

State Bank of Pakistan said many of the people in the country are not educated and cryptocurrency can be used to scam them, and Cryptocurrency is also used for money laundering.

Sindh High asks for the FBR’s reply in detail in this case.

The State Bank of Pakistan imposed ban on digital currency in April, 2018

In the Result.

In the result when court is going to legal digital currency in Pakistan, the lawyer of State Bank of Pakistan said in the court we did not imposed ban on digital currency, we just warned against it and hasn’t regularised it.

Court’s Order

Court allow the Waqar Zaka to show demo how it can decrease unemployment in pakistan via Mining.

Waqar Zaka set the mining machine in Kpk to show the govt how it can end unemployment in Pakistan.

It can be legal in Pakistan in 2021.

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