Five Italian Movies Everyone Should Watch

Vittorio Gassman is a name that should not be forgotten. Born in Turin in 1940, Vittorio Gassman studied acting before earning a degree in drama at the University of Naples in Italy. He then spent some time acting in various English-language films before deciding to break into the Italian industry. He went on to act in some Hollywood films before coming to Italian films in the eighties. In fact, he made twenty films in this country, winning four Academy Awards and the best actor award at the Oscars.

Vittorio Gassman


It was this stage of his career that Vittorio Gassman primarily focused on theatre, making himself known in the fields of opera, dramatic work and directing. However, it was in 1985 when he received critical acclaim for his work in the film Noises Off, which remains his only Oscar win. Vittorio Gassman later developed his own style as a screenwriter and director, writing such movies as Manic Woman, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Man Who Played Go, Romance, Papillon, Man on the Moon, Crazy Heart and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As such, he enjoyed a lengthy and varied career that encompassed films from different genres, including comedy, drama, horror, science-fiction, action, thriller, and even home-video.


When Vittorio Gassman got the chance to direct his first feature film, Lilies, he went on to produce and direct another masterpiece called La Dolce Vita, which starred Giancarlo Giuzzi and Angelina Jolie. The film was a commercial success and led to more Italian movies hitting the international market. In 1998, Gassman also directed and wrote the film adaptation of Giacinto Puccetti’s Don’t Worry, Just Live! which starred Al Pacino, Marcelloorna Costanoni, and Matteo Couto. While on location in New York City, Gassman met and worked with a group called the Happy Days crew, which would become the nucleus of his movieography.


When Vittorio Gassman returned to Italy in the late eighties, he continued to work with the Italians, penning some of their finest songs and producing some of their most beautiful works of art. One of his more memorable films was A Streetcar Named Desire, which he also directed. This picture, which stars Michael Caine and George Peppard, became the start of Gassman’s long-running career. Another Italian film that he worked on was A Godfather, which he also wrote and directed. When it was finally released in cinemas worldwide, it became the second best-selling Italian film ever.


Aside from directing and starring in Italian films, Vittorio Gassman has also been in the acting business. He has appeared in a number of different movies, most notably as an actor in Eastwood’s Someone to Watch Over Me, which he also co-produced. In addition to acting, Vittorio Gassman has also acted in Italian films made by other directors, such as The Godfather. More recently, he has been employed diarists, writers, and producers to create television programs for networks in Italy and throughout Europe.


Gasserman is best known for his dramatic work, which often centers around his acting skills. Most of his films featured Italian actors; therefore, his credits include A Streetcar Named Desire, Everybody Loves Raymond, and La Dolce Vita. A Streetcar Named Desire, which he co-directed with Mario Coppola, is one of Gasserman’s most classic works. The movie chronicles the relationship between Mario, an Italian businessman, and his ex-girlfriend, a British woman named Alma. They are separated when Mario gets a job with an advertising firm that represents a car company. Several years later, they reunite and end up dating.


Another of Gasserman’s films that people should watch involves Bitter Rice, which was released in 1984. Gasserman plays Mario Puzo, an older man who lives in a small town in Italy. Several years later, he returns to his old home town to take care of his ailing mother, who is suffering from cancer. During this time he falls in love with a young woman named Alma.


In Bitter Rice, Gasserman plays several different characters, including a corrupt priest, a rich man who wants to control the regional business market, and a local Mafia boss with a strange enigma. Gasserman’s performance as the priest is particularly memorable, as he portrays the role with calmness and charisma, while portraying a man who is truly conflicted about what is best for his mother and his community. In the role of the local Mafia boss, Matteore plays an intense character that comes across as completely different from the others. The two characters must work together in order to survive the town and gain the respect of everyone else. This movie shows Gasserman at his best, and proves that he is a capable actor who has an uncanny ability to bring different characters to life.

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