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White ball is too fast when it comes into contact. It travels too far around the table when it is gently struck. This can lead to many fouls. This scenario is unlikely if the tablecloth was made of glass and ice. It is important to slow down. It is amazing to me how many people simply throw the target ball across the table and it just goes in. It’s easy. The only thing that doesn’t go in is my cue ball. I have had enough. Please delete my account.

Hi developers, I have a problem. My main facebook account was linked to the account. It already had 24 stars, levels, and a lot more cues. My Facebook account was removed by the administrator for unknown reasons. After that, I was able to continue playing 8 ball with my account’s data, without any problems. Today, however, I accidentally logged off of it. Now, I can’t log back in with the same account as before because my Facebook account was disabled. I need assistance to log in again. We are grateful.

I have been playing for a while. This game is a constant distraction. There’s always something more than billards. I enjoy playing against regular opponents around the globe. The game’s construction has never been a problem for me. The game is easy to play and the controls are well-designed. Power levels and spin accuracy are top-notch.

Addictive! It’s a fun game that allows you to interact with your opponents. It can be frustrating to lose, but you will improve as you practice and play more. You can play pool at a table. You can adjust the game settings to your liking. Make sure to check out cuesticks. They can be purchased for extra coins, cash and spins. So what are you waiting to do?

After my first review, I was still annoyed that the game kicked me out while I was playing. After months of no play, I downloaded the game again. It still kicks you out (game closes to your phone’s home screen, click the 8 ball icon to reload and it brings you back into the game), on your turn and any other time. This means you lose your turn and time. This is the last chance to win the game. In return, you lose your coins and prevent the game from being won. Some people pay for coins. Fix it

Amazing gameplay. The directional bar indicates which direction the ball is heading after hitting it, but it’s too short so you will have to do most of the aiming. There are many tabs on the home screen. However, they are clearly separated so you can quickly remember which ones you use. Well-constructed game.

It’s a great game to play with friends, and it requires both skill and luck. It doesn’t bother my, even though there may be occasional offers. Hackers are my biggest problem (mostly in Berlin tables and Mumbai tables). If they get the break, it is impossible to get one. However, if you do get the break, you must try to deny in order to win. The wheel is rigged, which is another problem. It is impossible to get more than 1k coins. I have only once been able to get 25k coins. Please fix that. 4 stars.

It is very enjoyable to play so far. The opponents are quickly matched and even if there is a poor network connection, it reconnects without pause. There are many modes to make the game more exciting, including tournaments and many others.

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