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This app has been my favorite for a long time. It’s been around for 8-10 years. It is the best download manager available on the Play Store. It can do everything without rooting. ADM is able to do certain tasks that other download managers cannot. This app is a must-have. Recently, the paid version was no longer available after I switched phones. The developer quickly responded with new code. You should definitely download the app. Once you have it, it’s impossible to live without it.

This has a lot of potential. It looks like a lot of work was put into it, but I have only 2 twerks so far: 1. Nearly all the buttons are missing labels, except for two. I wonder if these buttons will have labels in future or if it will be the same as other unfriendly apps that you can only figure out by pressing them. File explorer is not able to tell you if files have been completed when you go into it to transfer them to your computer.

Excellent app. The ads are not distracting, but it takes a lot of battery when downloading. But that is to be expected. Multi-threading is not available on older phones. My device crashed during downloading.

Although the application is excellent, the latest version (14.0.21) does not fix the problem. It is possible that they have disabled it, or it could be an application error. It was uninstalled and I installed an older version (14.0.20).

Just came home, and I needed something. After crying over the slow downloads, I reached for my tissue. It was so satisfying to be able to do it correctly, and I was able even to restart downloads at the middle. How could I have known that it would make me shake to get chrome speed up to 10x or 5x? Although I believe I am in love, I don’t know if it will leave me or the app.

I rarely rate or submit applications. It is the best tool to download large files quickly and without fear of disconnection or errors. It can also resume incomplete downloads, which makes it very useful for those with unstable internet connections.

It did what I needed. I was able to delay large files downloading until after 2am, when my ISP removed the throttle. The ap has a lot unneeded trackers that could affect your privacy, especially considering the primary purpose of this app.

The best downloader since Idm (pc). It would be great if I could download streaming videos from the internet using browsers, just like adm.

Large files downloaded at 99.9 is a fraudster. An option to “force file merger” would be helpful in such cases. Please tell me where it is.

Reading comments can sometimes be confusing because everyone has a different idea of how something should work. But let me tell ya, this app is the best thing that you can download. It picks up almost every video on the internet. NB: ALMOST! So give it a try and enjoy!

Thank you very much. I use this app for large file downloads. What I love most about it is that I can pause and restart whenever I want, and the download speed is excellent.

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