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Absolutely the best bubble pop game there is! Tons of great levels and all your favorite characters! If you enjoy blasting piggies out of the sky then this is your game! I am learning how to use the game and then we can tell the difference between the iphone SE vs iphone and Android and I have no idea why they never did anything with the new phone that is your friend and the taxi and the train to Busan is a good idea

Pretty fun and relaxing until the stress of the timed scenes as you never know how much time you get until it starts.

This Game look made me lucky. I’m gonna be so amazed today. Thanks to all the birds with special powers too. Any hard, extreme and King Pig (boss) level that’s easy for me. Since i was playing 5 years ago. Now i’m already level 5306 today but it looks so goodness or surprise me. I’m so gladly the game is still chance to winnings.

This was my childhood game, Decided to download it again for nostalgia and it’s still as great as before! Added a lot more levels and areas as well! 100% would download!

Awesome game ,when I am stressed out can’t sleep.i play this said game & it helps me so much.Its years now I have been playing it. I downloaded it on all my devices at home.

Extremely relaxing, just what I need to take my mind off my worries. Transported to a fun experience, very therapeutic 😌

I loved this game until last week when they change things! They used to give several chances to pass a level your working on. Now it’s one chance and you have to start again. Also, the bubble pop extra game only rarely shows up, and once you start playing, it won’t go back to the main game. I have to turn the whole game off and reboot! The changes have made the game really frustrating and awkward! Before I would have given it 5 stars…now only 3!

it changes the color of the Bubble if you can finish the level to quick. i had an orange change color before my eyes to drop down a bunch of bubbles. the bubble selected and the bubble on the side changed to colors that didn’t allow me to do the move. it’s one thing to make it challenging it’s another to just stop progress because a player isn’t playing the way you want them to.

Great graphics! The game is challenging but not to hard to play. Pretty good sound track too. The power ups are varied enough that they are not just copies of each other. You soon learn how to use them and in what situations to maximize their benefits. I hope they continue to make more levels. A very good bubble pop game. I appreciate the aiming line that appears when you use the slingshot. I do wish it was a bit longer though.

Hi, in answer to someone’s review regarding the purple gems, I also believed that they were only for costumes but they can actually be used to buy Double Points and Triple Swap Boosts, which can be very handy. I have enjoyed playing this game and have completed all 4985 levels to date, all with 3 stars. However, I am completely baffled how to achieve the gold feather on level 4949. The 3 stars are clustered together right at the beginning on the blue points panel so they are easy to achieve even without double points. The feather is right at the end of the panel and I have tried on numerous occasions with double points power boost to achieve it to no avail. Has anyone managed to do it? Can anyone help? Thanks.

I love trying games to see if people who play well can win without any help. This is one is just perfect, challenging as you advance. Graphics are very colorful, as expected from AB. runs fast and smoothly. This is the ONLY game I have tried this week without any ADS. I used to play Panda Pop loved its graphics and difficulty but now is all ads, crushes, freezes etc.. a mess. If this is your case try this one. Beautiful graphics, fast, challenging, addictive and entertaining. Thank you

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