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This is a fun Worms-inspired game. My favorite part of the game is the AI enemy. It feels like you are playing against a human being because the algorithm is so well-written. The “computer” enemies change weapons quickly and fire with high accuracy, making it quite challenging in difficult missions. It’s not perfect but you can fix any problems by simply restarting the mission. This is one game I wish would never change, but that will only inspire the next-gen Super Mario Bros.

The controls are not easy to use. The joystick should have a dynamic function (appears wherever you click), and jump should have its own button. The AI keeps me moving and can’t aim without moving. You will need to spam an AOE and hope you win. The game is chaotic. Resetting the timer as King of the Hill is a bit lame. It would be fun to have some tweaks and a game speed option that slows it down.

The game is very enjoyable. It is very similar to the “Worms”, which are available since the late 1990s. It does not allow you to skip a mission if you are doing one. If you need to go back to the title screen, close the app and then restart. It’s otherwise great. Although controls can be frustrating at times, it’s not impossible to use in Worms.

Before I begin, I want to say that I have never played online. However, there is an active online player base. It’s a great game with some interesting weapons and gameplay. Although it takes some time to get used to the controls, once you are proficient at the grapple it is (mostly) fine. This might appeal to worm lovers. It has many similar features, such as wacky weapons and destructible terrain.

This is a great game. It’s great for wireless multiplayer or blue tooth. While the controller is good for navigation and aiming your firearm, it can be difficult to aim when you are playing fast-paced games. Although I want to be able to move in any direction, the controller either doesn’t allow me to aim accurately or my brain is not able to handle the task. You can add a portal landmine to report it’s victim at random locations.

This game deserves a 5 star rating. It is an enjoyable 2D experience. As you play, you become addicted. You also release stress by killing or assisting your enemies. My experience with the game was positive. I completed it in 3 days. Keep up the great work, and keep adding levels.

The most frustrating part of the game is the controls. Dynamic control mapping and dynamic joysticks options (where the joysticks are placed where you hold them and disappear when released) should be available. Static joysticks on both sides should also be provided. Customizations of static controls should also be possible. It’s irritating to constantly jump on accident. There should be a jump option. It’s easier to navigate dynamic environments when they are destroyed by weapons than worms.

This game is great. Could you please make the game reload faster. Also, you can put any backfires on the cannon. For example, when it is closer to an enemy it will do more damage. Thank you for reading. I hope it was useful.

Worms are not so different. Combat is fast-paced and real time. There are no turns. Everyone walks and shoots simultaneously. The tunnels were the only map I was able to play. When the worm walks into a “wall”, it digs automatically. There is no sea that could kill anyone or any islands. Because the game is so fast, explosive weapons feel ineffective. This is not what I was looking, but it might be something that someone else finds interesting.

It’s fun and very similar to the worms game that has been around for a while. However, it takes some getting used to. The only thing I don’t like is when you join a server, but these servers are full of people who have paid to win. Overall it’s a great game.

It’s a great game with amazing graphics. However, there is a bug in the game that if a player/worm sticks the hook onto a jungle map wall and it becomes unbreakable, it will stick to it, making it difficult for players to hit when they get stuck. The bug is extremely useful in multiplayer, and I don’t think it’s bug.

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