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This is a great side game that you can play. Once you have started the fight, the game will play itself. It isn’t too focus-intensive. If you want to reward us with more coins, we should allow us to watch as many ads as we like. It’s almost like we are watching too many ads at once, and it won’t allow us to watch any more until it’s ready. This is not smart, ……

It’s amazing. There are very few adds. The game also has a lot of options for attacking different troops and heroes. Although the art style is simple, it can be difficult to see how to win large-scale battles with the units you have left. However, I do find that the chests take quite a while to open. Overall it is great.

This game is great. It’s easy to play even for someone with no gaming experience. My only problem is that I’m learning as I go, and may miss out on valuable items that would help me in my battles. Gems and money won are great. Overall, I give the game a rating of 4.5.

I’m not sure why Spanish is the answer. If your battle mode level is set at 8000, how do you get to the troop box or hero? — The level doesn’t increase with each update to battle mode. Please fix. Even though I completed the quest successfully, I am stuck at level 8000. The problem persists despite clearing the cache.

It’s nice to play. The best part is the territory and expedition. The worst part is that you must keep the level necessary to complete it. This can be very costly. I’m losing interest due to that. It would be fun to play if you allowed me to remove that level condition.

This game deserves a higher rating, but the Arena mode must be overhauled ….. You will be competing against players at lower levels than you, and you’ll get crushed unless your troops are upgraded to some degree. While the subscription is fine, don’t fall into the trap of buying coins or troop cards.

This is an awesome game. This is an awesome game.

Although it was enjoyable at the beginning, I now feel like I belong to a great clan. We help one another, share information, and laugh together. Our clan is stronger because we help each other to build stronger armies. This game is a favorite!

My favorite game, but I wish there were a way to watch ads to earn gems or medals. I spend a lot almost every day to upgrade my troops but it is still not enough to level them up to the thousands of medals and gems required.

Your stupid legend apollo arquer and long-range units are moving forward while they attack. They should just be standing still, or move back as long an enemy is within range. They moved closer to melee units because of some moron. Seriously. Apollo in particular! This dude is suicidal! He attacks and goes into the frontline on his own.

Although it’s very simple at the beginning, it becomes quite difficult once you reach level 200. It is free to play.

My account isn’t working right now, I can’t access the game since last week even though I tried. This game is very enjoyable and I don’t want to delete it. Please help me with this issue. Is this a hack? Or is it just me?

It’s very enjoyable to collect. Although it’s not too difficult, it’s not too hard. The tutorial is fast and teaches you as you go.

Today, the game quit me three times during the Infinity battles. This was particularly annoying because you can only try three times.

It’s a fun game with very little pay-to-win. The highest hero won’t win you an automatic win. Knowing your troops is the key to success. The best in slot is not a thing. Log in and collect idle rewards. You might also do dailies. Once you have enough money, gather your troops. Don’t worry too much about rng. Highly recommended. It takes more than 100 cards to make a level 15 hero, or level 8 troop. This is why it’s not something you can do quickly.

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