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The log in time is too long and the servers are slow. Although the game is quite good, it’s nothing to TFT, which is of the same type. It needs to be reworked. Developers: You could suggest ways to balance RNG factors, such as giving low HP players an item advantage or adding gold requirements to neutral rounds to increase rerolling’s importance early in the game. You can also improve decision-making. I don’t believe pivoting to another composition is a good idea at the moment.

It shouldn’t take me so long to download resources. I have super fast internet. My interest in watching my piece fight after it is placed is too low for this game. It did take a while to download the first resource after installation. However, it seemed slow to start again. I don’t care for idle games. This is my primary problem. For a developer who actually READS the reviews, +1

This game is my favorite. It doesn’t have to force you to watch ads. Only cosmetic purchases Premium currency is extremely expensive. You’ve been playing for years. You can make the game as complex or simple as you like. It’s auto chess and my favorite. It would be nice if currency were cheaper. However, $20 is not a lot to pay for a board.

This game is a joy to play. I have been playing it for almost a year on both the mobile and PlayStation versions. The only problem I have is the outrageous price of cosmetics. I love many of the cosmetics. The quality and styles are great and I want them to continue their work. However, $20 for a board is way too high.

Even though the game is plugged in to the charger, it still drains my battery. The brightness is also low. It needs to be optimized. Apex mobile won’t do that on my iPhone ….. Also, the game I have been playing for over a decade just stopped working on mine for some reason. It works every time I download it. It has not changed anything on my phone so it is odd. This is my favorite auto-defence program. If it didn’t kill battery, I’d give it 5 stars.

It is a highly addictive game that I can’t get enough of. Highlights: – It is not possible to pay to win – The game mechanics are simple to learn, but difficult to master – There are endless combinations of rngs, synergies and items that allow for infinite possibilities. – Google authentication integration. This integration was made by hand and is not working well. I suggest that new users use a Dragonest account. A native English writer should revise English texts

This is a fantastic game, and one of the best I have ever played on my mobile device. It is plagued with bugs, which is a big problem. Perhaps this will be a 5-star review when dragonest masters Android gaming. Edit: I have changed my rating to 1 star. The latest patch caused my phone to stop functioning correctly, and i had my phone factory reset. These people are a bunch jerks. Edit: The game now crashes and my phone doesn’t lock, great job.

All was fine until the latest update. After logging in, I see a black screen every time I try to load the game. This happens when I try to load into a new game. I have tried various wifi and cellular. This is a problem with the game, so I assume it’s a bug.

When I tried to reinstall the game, it told me that there was a network problem. I tried this three times and the same result. Why? Update: What kind of vpn do you recommend? Update: I can finally play the game. This is for you dev.

I love the game and play it every day. However, after the latest update, my game won’t open. It just plays the opening animation over again. Please fix it.

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