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Although the game is quite fun, some of its great benefits that were once available for free must now be paid for. I was able to join the Mafia and become an actor before I bought the Bitizen pass. Now I must pay for it. It’s not expensive, but I don’t want it to be lacking the fun features. I also get ads almost every day without even asking. After pressing the “X” to exit the ad, I get a black screen that forces me to close Bitlife.

This game has been played at various stages in its history – from the beginning to the middle. Some changes have made me extremely unhappy. (1) The ads are too common, and many of them are not skippable. (2) You can now find many previous jobs that you could freely work towards in “job packs”. This not only reduces the enjoyment and frugalness of most players, but also removes the original fun from the game. Similar feeling to Sims Mobile.

It’s a great game with two problems. First, when I attempt to open a menu or to age one year, an advertisement appears. Second, I want to be a professional basketball player but the cost for each of those special career paths is $20. I’m pissed. Bitlife, I am not going to buy “REMOVE ADDS” or any of your products because it is a waste of money, so slap off.

It’s a fun game. Although it can be repetitive, I do enjoy the weekly challenges. They give me inspiration to keep playing. This is my second review. My opinion has changed since the last one. It works quite well and my bitizenship is working very well so I am happy. Although the scrolling and menu clicking can be irritating, I still enjoy the game. I recommend it. You can also play offline, so you can kill some time and play for a longer duration.

There are many things you can skip by simply pressing the advance button. You can spam many things to get the desired result. However, this requires you to jump through all of the menus. It’s a fun little game but it is very limited. Although I am not sure if this game has replay value, there are many opportunities to explore if you don’t want to maximize your income.

This game was great, but they changed something. Now, every time I am “eligible for draft” in a particular sport, it says “cannot connect to Google Play store”. I have never been able to be a professional in the sport I practiced. The But life ads are also annoying. These ads can get annoying and repetitive at certain points.

It was enjoyable for a time. It was enjoyable for a while, but I am not thrilled about the things that are happening in the game when I’m not playing it. Bitlife is not always my priority, and I have a life. It’s frustrating to come back to bitlife and find out that my pet has escaped, or I have been stolen from. It would be great if the option could be turned off. I am considering switching to a different sim for my life. Bitizen was also my purchase. Unhappy customer :/

This game is fantastic so far. The only issue is that you can’t set a specific look for custom characters. Tony Stark is an NPC I can have in my runs, but if I set up my game in the Caribbean Tony might be a man with dark skin. Although I do have bitizenship, it is possible to change his appearance but I prefer that his looks be consistent 100% of the time.

It’s still an incredible game. However, there’s one thing I can’t seem get out of it. I was able to get a random character who was musically gifted. He is a drummer, and regularly plays in a folk band. Problem is, every time he breaks up with a band, the game freezes. I have to restart the game in order to continue. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Please link me to a bug reporting website if you can. I have found many bugs in my games.

This addictive game is great for little trips or traveling. You can have multiple saves, which keeps things exciting. Although ads can be irritating, one extra PS4 is a good idea. It is a little slower than IOS, but it’s still a great little game to have on your smartphone.

It’s a great way to pass the time, and sometimes it can get deadly. I wish you could choose which mini games can be turned off. I love black jack. It would be great if you could track your grandchildren’s births and switch to playing like them when they are older. It’s still quite fun.

It’s addictive and a good, but not great, game. I give it a 3 Star rating because: 1. There are too many adds. Every add is way too expensive. Every 4 years, you get an additional. There are 2 additional adds when you die. It’s annoying. It’s annoying.

This game is my favorite! 100% recommend!! This book will give you an idea about what it is like to look ahead for the future as you get older. It will show you how to find a job, earn money, buy cats and houses, get your license and many other things. It’s a full-fledged life experience in one app! It is so enjoyable and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I am grateful for this amazing experience in my life. It gave me a clear idea of my future goals.

Another great game! Although BitLife could have more customization options on iPhone, I still love my Samsung Galaxy and will not compromise. I love the diversity of achievements and the aspects of crime. The career pack was a great purchase! Although I don’t know much about app development, I feel that I am missing out on the fun of playing with Android.

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