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The graphics are great and the combat is exciting and fun. The game is too complicated because of the many mechanics and systems that are thrown at the player right from the beginning. There is no way to have enough content in an MMORPG, but it is important to keep the pace right. The game is overwhelming in its first few hours. Excellent game, but a steep learning curve.

The mini-game. The mini game is what I hate. I need the hit boxes fixed. It is so frustrating to dodge a rock and get hit by it. I was annoyed by the mini-game. It’s a normal mobile game practice, so it makes currency a little easier than others. Also, it looks better than most mobile games I’ve ever played.

This was something I didn’t think I would say . This game isn’t P2W, considering recent events. Black Desert, you are a great gamer. This is a great idea. This gives me the incentive to spend my money. Other than that, the phone has amazing graphics, character customization, and UI is simple. Cons? Story can be a bit meh when compared to other great aspects. Some tasks can become repetitive, but that’s just MMO. We look forward to attending more classes.

It would have been a 4/5, but I’ve been experiencing login problems for over 2 months. When I sign up for Mediah USA server, sometimes I enter Black Spirit mode. I cannot login immediately after that until the BS mode has ended. It keeps telling me “invalid Google Login” every time I attempt to log in again. This problem has been there for 2 months now, despite numerous updates. It’s getting tiring. Great game overall. Update: This issue has not occurred to me yet.

I have a complaint. This game has been becoming more and more unstable since last year. It shuts down without warning or any other reason. If I want to play World Boss Battles, it sometimes allows me to enter the dungeon. But once there is more than one player, game shuts down. If I want to play BotS, God help me. The game will be shut down before the fight starts. Please, take action on this matter. Please!

This is easily the best mobile gaming experience I have ever had. It’s completely free to play. Playing is the best way to win huge prizes. It’s easy to level up, simple to use, amazing graphics, and tons of fun. The game is very user-friendly and offers a great quality of life. IDK, but I discovered this game by chance and I love it.

The game is fantastic, but it crashes in menus and it is almost impossible to access inventory or other functions. It works on all three devices, including the note 8, note 8, and note 9. The game will adjust my settings automatically to lower my settings, even though I am playing at maximum settings on my note 9, during normal game play. This is an unnecessary feature. Update: The lag issue has been fixed and it doesn’t adjust my settings automatically to lower my devices.

The graphics are not as impressive as they seem, even at max settings. Also, the gamepad is very stiff at times. The toxic community is the biggest problem (not included in the rating). It’s not bad, but it’s still better than most mobile junk. Many upgrades can be done directly, which is a great thing. I wish spirit quests required less kills. 1600 is not enough for one day.

It’s a fun game. You can get OP gear easily. There are consistent events that keep you going. The pvp is intense. I don’t know much about it but it is all about timing and learning how to use combos. There are many characters to choose from. A good story. This is hands down the best mobile RPG. Pay to Win is not necessary, have not spent one penny, and already have way more of each currency (except Pearls of course, which I have like 40k black pearls).

It’s far better than the console version, and it is vastly more powerful. It disconnects when I play on a 5G connection. This is not optimized for mobile internet, at least according to my experience. However, playing on wifi is recommended. PA may fix the problem in the future, but that won’t stop me from supporting the game and playing it. Which version is better than the online?

A true rpg !!!! You can use Auto and Offline modes to progress, but it isn’t based on VIP P2W or autoplay. It’s based on your skills and wits. If you don’t find the mission you can click the Tab to take control and it will give you a route to follow. It’s refreshing to see a game that does not push autoplay and allows for full customization.

This Game’s Graphics is brilliant …., but ….. There are way too many activities in the game. To complete the daily tasks, it takes more than an hour. This is not a game you can play casually on your mobile device. I used to love playing this game but now I have to spend hours on it. It’s not a bad thing, I suppose ….. Personally, I don’t have time to do everything …..


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