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[Free Download] Bloody Bastards MOD APK v3.2.3 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

You are constantly being bombarded with ads by the game. It’s enjoyable to play, but annoying to constantly be interrupted. You want to make money with ads, right? This is just a suggestion.

This game is so addictive and fun. You can cut off your enemies head and limbs with just a few swings. However, I think it would make the game more fun if there were a sandbox mode that allows you to customize your health, customize your enemies weapons, armor, and even spawn as many enemies as you like. It’s not the best idea, but it would make the game much more fun.

Although the idea is great, its execution is not. The only weapons of choice in the final game are the dual axe and mace. There is no other weapon that does as much damage and is equally fast. Although shield doesn’t protect you, it can still cause damage to you and your shield arm. Although two-handed weapons are cool, they are so inefficient. It’s a great experience, but it becomes less enjoyable as you play the game.

The pros include a unique and fun combat game that is based on Physics. There are many levels in SP. You have a lot of options for equipment in every region. Historical accuracy is good. Gore: (Cons: Multiplayer is generally trash. There are some matches where I have fun but it’s a three-tenth of the time for me. Two-handed weapons are a joke. The ads are a ripoff. They hide the X, lags and opens.

This is a great game that takes medival melee combat and makes it fun! The ads are much less intrusive than other games. They let you skip ahead and don’t show up in your face as often, which is quite refreshing. It’s a fun mobile game that offers lots of gameplay and is great for all ages.

This game is a boredom killer! It’s both an online and offline game. It’s amazing for customization, especially when it comes to blood and fighting. 5 stars is deserved, I haven’t had so much fun in quite some time. Edit: I regret that I have to remove a star due to ads. While the ads in the campaign don’t cause any problems, multiplayer is a nightmare. It happens every time you win a fight. It’s annoying to press the x, so I gave it 4 stars.

I find the gameplay very unique, and the ads aren’t as irritating as some make it out to be. The games feel too monotonous. It feels like the main mode is going on for too long without any challenge, at least not in the early part. It would have been more challenging and easier to play at a condenser level.

I don’t know why this game is rated 4.2. It’s great. It can control all movement and offer tons of customization options. There are over 10 000 gear customization options. You can play a huge single-player campaign with 3000 levels. The enemy’s get more difficult. You can also play random/ranked multi-player. With that much gear, the game will need some balancing. You idiots, a few balancing issues does not mean that you should rate the game 2 stars!

This game is a joy! This is the best arcade multiplayer online ragdoll game. The controls are fun and customizable. It has some glitches where body parts fly around while fighting, and it crashes randomly. But I’m sure that this will be fixed in the future. It’s a great game and I love the fistfights.

Edit: I am experiencing crashes quite often since the latest update. (Great update! Weapons feel lighter, hits are more consistent, stamina bars are wonderful and well balanced. This is easily a 5 Star game. The update is perfect, I love it! You don’t need to change much. Minor balancing and tweaks will suffice. You might also see more content, but it will be ranked!

It is a great game, but there have been a few bugs that made it difficult to play in multi-player. One bug made the enemy’s limbs move all over the place, so it was almost invisible to me. These bugs need to be fixed. It’s a great game!

This game is not a bad one. To think otherwise, you’d need to take the hardest beating. The only problem is that Single-player requires WiFi. It doesn’t work for me. If you are able to consider this, please let me know.

It’s a great game but… It crashes every 15 seconds. Is this a common problem? It crashes most of the time if loading screens don’t appear immediately, but it sometimes happens when I’m fighting. It’s still a great game but it is slow to reopen when I need to change my gear.

The best game I’ve played on my phone in a while. No micro transactions baloney. Love the game and can’t wait for the future. I look forward to fighting in new countries. I love that each region has their own armor and weapon styles. This allows for great game play and versatility when you choose the loadout.

It’s a great game with tons of potential …., until you’ve done the exact same fight 200 times and realize that there is nothing better than slightly different weapons. I also paid for no adds, but still cannot play offline! GET F**KED. This is the most greedy of s**t you can find.

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