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I love the method of solving the various puzzles. Everyone gets stuck but I do not like being on a team with nobody else is playing. It’s very frustrating for me to” win ” gold bars and be charged for using the gold bars. If you get a prize with a time limit and it stops counting g as it goes down when you need to quit, go out of life or recharge, or make phone calls or make a call.

I am a huge fan of this game. I would like it to be simpler for me to get gold bar rather than purchasing them however. One issue I’ve experienced with the game is that time I’m playing the level, it gets so slow that the time it took to complete the level. Then my boosters that I use to play the levels will end up being ineffective because it took too long. And you aren’t able to exit to return, or else you lose a life or your streak.

It’s a very difficult game, but an essential game to play whenever you need to relax and relax. It’s fun and thrilling, and the thrill of moving to the next stage is extraordinary. It’s as if that the game is appropriate for everyone in every age category. A huge improvement to being quick and decisive. thinking can also boost your IQ in a variety of ways.

Some levels are difficult and take a long time to finish them. They require additional moves to be added to the more difficult levels. It would be great to have some of the difficult levels’ hints were offered to get it. I’ve been stuck on the harder levels for months before I get it over with. What is the reason why when you’re playing the game, it suddenly is a complete freeze and then you’re kicked out, and you’re not able to use any boosters you’ve used. If you’re watching advertisements for extra moves, it stops and kicks you out for the reason.

I hope that nothing has changed. I really enjoyed this game, it seems that the game hasn’t changed much. I really enjoy the game.its still enjoyable and relaxing. I accidentally disconnected However, I’m still annoyed by the frog. Really there is no explanation on how to get rid of the frog in an episode. To come back later. We are having a great time There have been some adjustments that are better. Enjoy yourself, have fun and enjoy.still having a blast having fun with everyone.

Fun. The ads offered a variety of free items, but they vanished after I decided to link the game to my Facebook account. (Or because of the update?) The decision was made to restart the process and check if the advertisements are showing again. Edit: The ads for play and bonus items are no longer available. It appears that they were just a beta testing feature for certain accounts for a time. Bummer.

I am a huge fan of this app, but the thrill of testing my abilities and. the app I purchase has diminished. I used to purchase it to help the developers of the game or to help them with their development, however, it was not necessary to purchase other than to earn more candy and points. I would love to see the return of testing your math/sequence-related skills. Overall, it was fun and pleasantly distracting. I miss the ASMR sweet sounds that are crisp. Thank for the app!

The thing is that I Love it! It’s fantastic and enjoyable. It can after a while appear boring, but I love it. The only issue is that there are SO many different games. However, they did an outstanding job, and I find it extremely interesting and enjoyable. It’s a great simple match game. However, it has many twists! I love the fact that not all levels provide the same scenario. In some, you may have to collect many different colors as well as break jelly’s. The entire range of Candy Crush games I love to play, and they are all different

Lots of fun however, the latest puzzles don’t provide enough options to be successful, and you will always have to purchase more boosters. The modifications made to friends aren’t good. Additionally, the boosters that have been hard won aren’t doing what they were intended to do to solve the puzzle as the saucer wastes the time to hit just one target. What an affront to the game’s creators in order to convince us to purchase a booster. It’s odd that the game was created to make players pay for boosters. The game has become more difficult perhaps that’s why a lot of players are leaving an all time fantastic game.

The game is definitely paid to play, but it’s certainly not “stress free” as they claim. I’ll be stuck on one level for days. I understand that they have to make money and the majority of packs are just a few dollar, yet I’m just a bit stingy and less likely to buy since the challenges are difficult to beat at times and I’m sure of the game isn’t working lol. I’m losing interest in playing the game.

Thank you, dear Candy Crush Developers, Thank you for removing the sole reason that I ever bought gold bars. I’ll save some money in the near future! This is the number of additional moves added on each level each time you played , but were never completed. Since this has been eliminated and all additional moves that you can purchase are five and isn’t enough to justify buying gold bars. A sad and sad day as I enjoyed the game, however it’s losing appeal. I would like to see that game revived.

I thoroughly am a fan of playing. The challenges each episode and level provides keeps you coming back. However, on my roommate’s tablet, my playing while watching ads runs smoothly. However, I mostly play on my Android phone J2 core. It worked fine until I reached the level I’m currently at (in the 4000’sand above) advertisements are sluggish and making my game crash each and every time. It takes me days to finish a game in my mobile. And yet I play. You can see the video, but there are there are no rewards.

It’s a great game to play from time to time. I think it’s cheating but it’s enjoyable to play. I’m going to give it 4 stars as the game has frozen on me several times, especially when I’m trying to win a game. It’s a problem that I often make use of my boosters when stuck on the board for a long time and that’s when the game is frozen.

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