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It’s a great game. However, I noticed one issue. Mobile data is not available to me. When I attempt to join any room it loads endlessly, but it doesn’t let me join the game. It sometimes works if you choose the random option. But after a few matches, it returns to the endless loading. It has been tried several times to reinstall it, clear cache/data, etc. but it doesn’t work. If you can help me with this please let me know.

It’s a great game. It’s a classic that I can recall from 2016 or 2017. I can’t recall. After a long time of forgetting about my phone, I bought a new one and downloaded it. Wow! It has changed. It just doesn’t feel right about the weapon card system. The entire economy system doesn’t feel as original as the older versions. Instead, it copies the clash Royale system. It is also a shame that maps are now divided by level.

The update has greatly improved the gameplay. Just a few suggestions. There was an offline play option before the update, which I miss. I wish that the ability to add friends was restored. There should be an option to invite friends to a party by finding friends accounts. The party allows you to play with your friends in non-friendly games. It’s a solid game.

Many upgrades have many bugs. This upgrade was flawless. It’s much better and more interactive. But, wouldn’t it be easier to log in with an email address? My account got hacked and I had to delete it and reinstall. I also lost my progress. This could use some improvement.

It was the most addictive game I have ever played. It’s both challenging and fun. Mini militia will be a great multiplayer game. I have some suggestions. Please fix the bugs. Sometimes characters can stick to the wall or get stuck on the ground. This issue was not present in the previous version.

I love the internet and cannot complain. But I would love to see the survival updated. Perhaps some maps options. There are more guns than the basic. There should be a greater variety of enemies, each with different abilities and skills. A variety of bosses would be great, and you could earn special rewards for defeating them. Overall, a great game!

It’s a nice game. Beautiful graphics. The only problem is that when there is a connectivity issue, the player hangs in one place and returns to it. He does this so fast that even though we have shot him many times while he was stuck, it is still not fatal. There should also be an option for a team match where we could form our own team with friends and compete against other teams. It is still a fun game. You could also try my suggestion.

Mini Militia has been my favorite game for a while. This is the best game for shooting. The game is very simple and doesn’t require any extra levels. You win if you kill. Innovative idea: The net value of all kills less the deaths is included. You can also customize your outfits and have your own faces. The weaponry options available are adequate and appropriate for fighting. It might seem odd to include tanks in the game, however.

The game was so much fun that even though I lost all my progress, I continued to play and reached the top levels. If you can, please make the game more fun by adding these features: 1. Exclusive rankwise games – Eg, maps and games that only allow players of higher ranks. 2. Restrictions: No double guns, sniper or sword allowed. This will make the game more difficult and encourage users to play.

It’s a great game, but I would really love to see the offline mode back. This makes the game even more enjoyable. My friends didn’t want to download the latest version of the game because it was no longer available offline multiplayer. They prefer downloading mods from third-party websites.

This is my favorite game. It is a great game, but I gave it 4 stars because of that. There have been many bugs since the last update. You can’t explore the maps alone. It is easy to get lost in a map, and then have to commit suicide to get out. There is also a huge problem. Although hackers have been eliminated, there is still one problem. The laggers. These people don’t make the game fun. They don’t die, and they keep killing everyone. This is a great game.

Although this is a great game, the online mode can be quite frustrating as players modify their avatars and it can result in zero scores during battling. My opponent can modify my avatar and I will not let him win. How I wish that the local multiplayer was available. It would be a game where the rules are made by the players. There would be no cheating or tricks and no partiality.

A new mini militia is a good idea. It has new guns, new places and new upgrades. It is not enough just to have fun. We need more places, more tricks, weapons, gadgets, and more movie characters. Hackers have made this game even more difficult to play. Please make it 4 vs 4, instead of 3 vs 3, in the team match, and please expand the playground with more secrets and all. This game is not sufficient for 2021. However, I love the concept and the sound, look, and music of this game.

I have been playing this game for more than 2 years and the UI update has been a great improvement. It was a poor decision to transform a very popular offline game into a ‘pay-to win online only’ game. The update had its downfalls. We hope you guys reconsider it.

It requires too much internet. It was fine. Then my internet dropped to 3 to 2 bars. I experienced a lot of lag. It was also confusing to learn how to use different guns. Although the matchmaking system was good, there was always one player who would win and ruin the experience. It was otherwise a good game.

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