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It’s great! The gameplay is simple and fun, with a unique art style. It encourages the player to use the game without worrying about the complicated mechanics. It also has a learning curve, which makes it more appealing to casual players. The game is also fun because of the funny dialogues. This game gives me hope for the future as a game developer training. Keep up the good work.

This is the best game available on play store. This game is for car lovers. The game is based on classics, sportscars as well as street racers and performance cars from the past century (mainly 70’s to 80’s and 90’s). There are many scenarios to choose from. The photo mode, milestones and missions are all excellent. This game is perfect.

This game is a joy! Although the controls are a bit difficult depending on the car, the graphics are great. You will be amazed at the variety of vehicles represented in the prethla, which includes large RVs, American Muscle sedans and tiny three-wheeled minis. The maps are well-made and have many functions. This game is a must-have for anyone who loves cars and racing.

The gameplay is great, as well as the aesthetics. Amazing photo mode. The car-chosing UI is terrible. Although it looks great, the interface is completely inaccessible. It doesn’t help navigation as it swipes too quickly and you can’t click on the cars you have. A 3s timer would be great after you return to the game from the pause menu.

This game is my favorite. It has everything you need. I highly recommend it. The soundtrack, cars, graphics, maps… The only problem I have is the price of the cars. You should also be able to choose only the cars you own so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the car you want.

Nostalgic. It was a new release that I used to enjoy. It’s great for an indie game. My only opinion is that it should be called “Roadtrip-like asmr”. Graphics can be as polished for a single pixel. If you agree with my suggestion, fore backgrounds. Sides can be changed. This is also a game-changer. I believe the degree or lvl on POV (third person) will be able to make a difference. I got the roadtrip idea from the steering physics and speed of the game.

It’s worth downloading. There are many cars, and the sensitivity control option for steering is helpful. After upgrading the car to its maximum, it drove worse than smaller cheaper cars. I believe the driveability of the car is often affected by the difference in how a high-end car handles the game compared to a low-end car. This game has been my favorite for many years. I still love it. I also think the black borders should be removed, especially when there is limited space on your phone.

It’s a great driving game, even though it occasionally has a problem with the steering. If you turn the wheel right, it will shoot off to the left. It’s possible that it is not on line. I live in an area with poor service and the phone won’t allow me to load the game. The game will stop at the selection of cars, stops at the map choice or play a loop without coins or oncoming cars.

Hands downnn!! This is the best game I have ever played. The controls feel great, as well as the design of all cars, especially the grid system for selecting cars. I also appreciate that you can choose art styles from realistic graphics over realistic ones.

It was a good experience and I gave it 5 stars. Then I discovered that the online “duel” is fake. I always start the duel on my right side, and none of my opponents have ever been difficult. It’s a shame that the game does this, when you consider all else.

The game is enjoyable. The damage is too great. I get hit by a car while driving at a slower speed, and I die. Overall, the game is great. However, I think there are a few too many ads.

Although i loved the duel and co-op modes, the game ended too soon. They crashed too soon and the game lasted less than two minutes. I wish you could improve your AI driver. This is a great idea and I hope you will implement it.

It’s a great game. The cars look good and the visuals fit well. However, it seems like there is a bug with my miata. Sometimes it doesn’t appear to be in black and/or white, even though I havent yet unlocked it.

It’s a decent time-waster. It could have more Jdm cars, and more game modes such as toug. Because people are too stupid to understand that it’s coop, not duel, the coop mode needs to be subtracted. Online players will try to force you to crash, rather than working together. Keep coop going by adding a lobby chat or headset audio for chatting while playing. It deserves 5 stars, but online play and car variants need to be improved. It’s a great idea.

It’s a great game, but I wish it would allow you to customize your car beyond just the colors. You can also modify the interior of your car with customization and cams.

This game is great and I recommend it to anyone who loves cars.

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