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It’s a fantastic game with a lot potential. I’m still waiting for the multiplayer to unlock the sandbox mode. There are few issues with NPCs and vehicles in the game. For example, if I hit an NPC, they run or if they’re behind me, they phrase the walls and run through them. If I accelerate it too fast and crash it, or if it attempts to do stunts it becomes glitchy and jerks. I have to get off it and then sit back to normalize it.

This is FIREDUDE! It’s so much fun! Although it is very similar to GTA V (grand theft Auto five), there are some differences in the graphics, models and maps. The people who walk around need some work. If I shoot them in a shop, they will “run” through the walls, and you won’t be able to get them after. The last problem is that the game doesn’t have many items yet, but it has been around for quite some time. It has multiplayer, which is amazing! Good game, dudes.

It’s amazing, especially the multiplayer. I love fps games. The new update had the most crashes, but maybe you guys can fix it. Instead of running from zombies in singleplayer, we need a zombies mode. It is essential that the tank’s turret can rotate. Finally, multiplayer needs a new map. It can be irritating to see policemen and regular men going through walls. I’m sorry if I’m asking too much.

This game is great dudes, just download it. The only problem is that it has 3 levels. I love it but …!on each level U must complete each Mission …! There are many issues to unlock Chad, so I ask for feedback …!. This will complete the 3rd level.

Excellent game with a good story and decent missions. But please fix the issue that my game crashes and freezes every ten minutes. If you wish, I may even give you a 5-star review. P.S. P.S.

This is the best action game I have ever played. Nice update, I hope there are more updates. However, I am having some issues. My phone is running the game well, but it crashes without any reason. I also want to see the older cars updated, such as adding sounds and building more buildings like a hospital or fire station. You should also add people to the community. Some buildings are empty so I ask you to add workers. I also hope that the game will get better so that the player is more satisfied.

Game ofc a little buggy. The bike is a bit wobbly and difficult to ride. I think the controls should be simple to use, but well-organized. It would be great to have more missions and ways to earn money. This game is amazing and hilarious and has a lot of potential. Please don’t remove the silly moments, music, and funny dances. Your game is unique because of it. Keep up the good work! This game is amazing! !

This is an incredible game. It is very similar to GTA 5 (grand theft automobile), but it has one problem. Every time you watch an AD and buy money, or get a car, it sometimes crashes. This is why I ask you to fix it. However, the game is recommended for anyone over 17.

Although this game was fun, they have not updated multiplayer. Please add more guns, nerf the bat, and allow two players per match. The worst part about the game is the ad that takes you to the Playstore and crashes your game. You lose all your progress. The story mode in open world feels empty and lacks detail.

It’s great. I love the latest update. It’s almost like Grand Theft Auto, but cartoonier! It is a great game and I recommend it to everyone! My only wish is that multiplayer could be played with normal games where you can drive cars and not shoot at enemies. It’s still an amazing game.

The multiplayer is great! I don’t play the game. There are ads. It’s fine if you can buy guns/weapons from ads. The problem is that ads will appear every time you enter or exit a match, lobby or other area. This is a great game. I suggest adding a battle royale to make it more fun. It would also be great to add maps in multiplayer…

It was going to be five stars, but it has a few problems. The singleplayer lag is so bad that it freezes my screen every time i try to save the game. Also, the driver of the car will be kicked out if the character enters the vehicle. One more thing: You must prove that the character actually opens the car’s doors when entering/exiting.

Please make it possible for us to walk through walls, just like NPCs. It’s odd that NPCs can walk across walls, closed doors, or other solid objects, but normal players cannot. It’s irritating, it’s like an NPC has some special privileges. Please fix that!

This is my favorite open-world game. I have no issues with it. I would like to suggest some improvements. Pls, add more weapons and planes to the game. Add small islands and driveable boats. Make the map larger. Pls add multiplayer maps or modes such as battle royale, capture of the flag, capture points, and capture the flag. It would also be great if there was a multiplayer mode like battlefield, where players could drive tanks, military vehicles, and jets. Also, please add the sandbox to the next update. 🙂

Great game. Good textures and other aspects are good. There are a few things you can do to improve the game. For example, add a new avatar for car control and a map with more realistic physics. When will you add Chad to the game?

Multipliayer is great, but offline and offline are not. In multiplayer, I cannot open the duccibox and tap on the unlock button to access the guns secondary and so on. The game is fun, but it won’t do anything.

Each update makes me so happy. It brings back memories of the first time I played this game. The simple content was enough to make me happy…but now with the latest update, it makes me happy! I suggest adding more supercars, such as ferraris or koenigseggs, in the next update. Also, more missions. (Hopefully we will see the third character!) in this game.

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