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It’s an xd app. I like this. Its effects are so cool i like it please give some more effects. Amm it’s gd but sometimes it turns white and doesn’t respond. Again, importing images takes a lot of time. However, it takes a few minutes to complete the video process. That’s why I liked it so much. Plz improve the white screen rotation case and take less time to import images. I hope you improve it. Thank you-
This is the best editor app. I used until now! The features are really easy and it’s for beginners, intermediates or experts! This helps a lot and I want to say something to the people who make the templates “how, just how-” They are really talented! 🍡 I love this app! Easy to edit, share, save, etc.. I hope you enjoy the app!
It is a very good editing app!!! Um, but there’s a problem. After i finished editing i wanted to share it on Instagram but it says “share your video after installing Instagram” but i already installed it before 🙂🥹 so plz fix this problem ASAP. Thank you.
This app is amazing, this is what I need, I haven’t been able to edit my videos or even make videos, but this app helps me a lot. It is very easy to create and edit videos in this app. That’s why I gave five stars.
Despite a little lag when editing videos and some effects that don’t seem to work, everything else is fine, thanks 👍
This app is 5/5 for me, there are a lot of options for free users like Mee and the + point is that we can also add music which makes this app fantastic
This app is very, I mean very easy to use but there are some loading issues so please fix them I would really appreciate it, I am getting subscriptions but please add more temples etc.
This is the best video editor I have tried. I love the fact that it removes all watermarks and you can remove your name in the bottom right corner. I don’t and don’t want that in my videos. The only problem I’ve had is that the last video I made didn’t crop the entire image completely, while all the other videos I made didn’t. It fits the entire space without clipping. This last one had one black line at the top and bottom of my entire video. Thanks a lot.
This app is so good. I really like this video editing app Easycut. You should use this app. This app will save you time with ez editing. Thank you 🥰
The Easy Cut app is a revolutionary innovation that has changed the way people approach hair cutting. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, this app has undoubtedly revolutionized the hair styling industry. Here’s a comprehensive review of Easy Cut that highlights its many benefits and praises its exceptional functionality. Intuitive User Interface: Easy Cut boasts an incredibly intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and use
It’s a nice youtube video editing app for me but sometimes there is a glitch in the video but only in the app while editing but when I watch a particular video in the gallery there is no glitch so editing is so hard and it also deleted my edited video
It’s a really great tool that you can use to edit videos even if you don’t have premium tools that will still give you an exceptional editing experience 😎
This app is so great for editing. This app also includes many effects, filters and new templates. This app is so convenient and easy to use.

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