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My best game ever. There is one problem. You can only see AD’S in order to collect rewards. It’s not something I like. This is very annoying. This is a problem. This game is very enjoyable.

It will be rated 4 stars because it has a problem when I try to save my progress. To check if it will save, i log into the account and then i save it. The progress you have made is not saved to your account.

WORD OF ADVISE: The game is for those who are willing to put in the effort and time. There are many things to do. Strategy is important, but most importantly patience. There are many ways to reach your goal, even if you’re playing “Free to Play”, like me. Many thanks to the developers for creating this amazing game. We wish you all the best for expansion and improvement.

The game is enjoyable. It’s a grind-style type of game that will make your hero’s more powerful. There are many hero’s from greek myth, Nors Myth, and other well-known mythologies of other countries.

It’s great! It reminds me a lot of Kull from the Xbox 360 days, but with side scrolling and other mechanics. It’s a fun game with great controls and a challenging challenge system that will keep you busy.

For now, I’ll only give 3 stars because it is very costly to level up your own hero. The summun hero, although it is already upgraded, can be easily destroyed by the 1 hit on your enemy that it takes. Heaven map?? I need to know how my hero can get there. My hero strength does not allow me to fight in the heaven map. Programmer needs to adjust the coin value and gems.

( A great game) I downloaded this game and found some amazing features. There are 7 maps, many equipments, 20-30 heroes, total more than 200 levels, different armies (different temples,nations wars), gems and coins. We can upgrade our heroes and equips can be upgraded and armies upgraded. This game is my only choice and I have removed my favorite. It is now my favorite.

It freezes sometimes, but it isn’t really that bad. Sometimes it can freeze for about a half second to a minute or more. But it could be my stupid phone.

This is an addictive and wonderful game. However, you must pay to hire more heroes. After watching 10 videos, I discovered that the shadow lord was not the only hero you could hire. Please fix that. I don’t mind heroes, but I would like to see vampires. Please improve this. This game was deleted by me already, but I made a mistake. It was deleted in lords mobile, but I re-download it the next day to see that it had my data still there. Can you do this in this game?

Excellent support service. As a developer, I understand the importance of prioritizing tasks and completing them on time. Thank you Divmob, you helped me log in to my account.

This game is incredible. This is my favorite game. It’s a game I can play all day. I also love ZAW, FRAG, and other games. I deleted them because of Epic heros war. It has seven maps and sixty heroes, which is very difficult to obtain. This is why I like the game. I enjoy strategy and hard games. This game is a great example of divmod.

This game is great, it’s easy to play, you can find lots of gems, and there are many prizes for gift codes. However, gift codes are rarely available. Please provide a gift code

It would be a great game if there weren’t all the crystal prices for progress. It would be 5 stars if there were a reliable way to advance for those who didn’t have to pay 500$. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is only a pay-to-win.

Amazingly designed! This game is amazing! The character animations that you tap on the characters to show you a brief description of their skills is a nice touch and it gives me excitement.

The game is great, and I really enjoy it. However, lately the game crashes whenever an ad appears. It crashes every time an ad appears. I log out and then log back in and it happens again.

This is by far the best adventure game I have ever played. However, i do have one problem. Could you please reduce them? Most people realize that this is the perfect GAME. THNX KEEP UPGRADING

This game requires more modes, more difficult stages, or something, as well as new maps and upgraded graphics. There are new gods and goddesses. As a loyal player ty, I look forward to that.

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