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Nice app! Instead of Facebook, Facebook Lite is less MB. It doesn’t take up much space on a low RAM phone. But there are many problems with it. Voice records do not always work properly. When I send a voice message, it starts again. Also a big problem is it can’t talk in messenger. This is a big problem. It would have helped a lot to fix it. This needs to be fixed. Besides, everything else is fine. Good app!

A lot of issues in the app. Feed refreshing rate is low, the content of videos posted is very much low, annoying with unimaginable captions in it and same videos are shown every now and then. Pls fix those issues and kindly add the features to allow the app to hide the video Tab section like as the Main app version of Facebook. The purpose of using it, is only it’s the lite version doesn’t bites the Ram. That’s it.

The regular Facebook app wouldn’t load past the splash screen. Just kept crashing. Even after I deleted it and reinstalled. So I’m glad this app still works for me. I think there’s something wrong with the latest update of Facebook. Hopefully they fix it soon. However, so far I haven’t found anything this lite version can’t do over the full one.

Everything fine for a lite version. However, there are little details to correct. One of the biggest, is that when tapping on a photo to see it in full size, text is still appearing at the bottom and cannot be hidden by tapping the photo in fulk size. It would be very helpful to correct things like this.

I had a great experience using this app, but I also had a bad experiences, like when i refresh my feed it won’t, it just keep showing the old post that I already saw. and when i’m talking to someone my screen on the phone is lagging and stuff and just now I can’t open the app, I re installed it, but nothing happen. I hope you can fix it.

Finally, it can copy comments. Still no option to copy text in post (let alone copy SELECTED TEXT). You can share a post, but not copy text. Battery consumption is just drastic! Kills the battery in no time. Also, often (but not always!), after reading comments to some post, you press “back” to return to the feed, but the feed is already refreshed, and you find yourself at the top of it, not where you left off. Quite disorienting.

This app is great and fulfills its promise of a simple but elegant user interface, fast experience, and lightines of the storage space at the same . However, uploading a video is a hassle and you cannot post a video fully according to it’s quality and time. I understand that the app keeps it’s lightines, but whats the point of using this if their are restrictions of video playback and time. I minimize 5 stars into 3 because of this problem, needs to address this problem.

I really like Facebook lite because it’s very convenient and easy to use especially if you don’t have a strong internet connection or data. I don’t really like the update I mean lite became pretty but other than that the comment section looks like Chrome and some of my friends didn’t like it also. The old one is better and nicer, I hope you will consider bringing it back or changing it. thank you.

Would have loved to use it, but there’s no place to add photos to an existing album. So I’m forced to download the hunk of trash full version, because mobile Facebook in the browser also doesn’t have the option. I really miss the good days of Facebook. Nothing works anymore.

Though i don’t use fb a lot but this app is a very good substitute of the original one. I would like to express thanks to meta for taking care of people who are often short of storage capacity in their mobile phones. A problem relating to default language i faced it should be auto set as device language for ease.

In facebook lite, when i write a new post and choose color for background then posting, the resulted post has no background, only plain text ! 2) This Most of my comments on public pages are filtered and not shown to others although I don’t use bad language, just express my opinion! Does Facebook not allow all opinion any more? i can just start to find other place to express my self.

Hello there, My name is Louis. I would like to give a suggestion on how to make this app more better. I have been thinking of this so I decided to tell you guys….. sometimes we do make mistakes because we are human beings No one is perfect so I was thinking that you should try to adjust the conversion settings which grant you the feature of editing messages. Just like the app Telegram. Telegram has a feature that allows users to edit their messages if they have made mistakes or misspelled.

half of the posts in view on timelime AND individuals pages have images that won’t load, only a white bar at the bottom of the image place holder shows, over half of all images amd thumbnails are blank, tapping the blank place holder does not open the image, however sometimes multiple taps can load the image, but when returning to original post, the image does not appear. zero network or loading issues exist outside of the app, this is a problem with facebook or its image servers.

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