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A plethora of editing and filtering tools. These filters aren’t necessarily top-quality, however there (they certainly have a preference for the quantity) are plenty. There are other features you can access by becoming pro and paying a monthly fee but the app is excellent even without a subscription. In addition, I’m not sure why businesses want to charge subscription fees when they do not provide the latest content or features every month.

The best photo editing software I’ve had the pleasure of using to at this point! There are tons of free features (that don’t break the bank!) and, unlike similar applications, this one lets you to try out the professional features prior to purchasing the entire set (without having to give your credit card numbers). !!). It’s also extremely user-friendly with a well-organized layout and well-organized. The free version has the tiniest amount of advertisements. Over the three hours I edited I saw three 10-second advertisements. Overall, it’s an amazing app, and I would definitely recommend it!

My initial impression is that it’s an excellent photo editor. However, it is a shame that this app also has the subscription-only’ pro mode. I’d love to purchase (buying) the application, but if it were to spend 10 or more subscriptions for the apps I enjoy it would be insane.

Great photo editor! There are so many options and filters to pick from. I’m really happy that I chose the professional version. It is a great tool for creating the most stunning thumbnails or any other photo project easy!

I’m spending a lot of time editing images at work and home. This is the most efficient app I’ve discovered. I typically use the web application, however I enjoy the option of having it on my smartphone. A word of advice: be sure to save frequently, as there can be some glitches that can cause freezes in the process. I do pay for premium features and I think it’s worth the cost.

Simple to use. The largest and most beautiful selection of fonts, colors and that’s not even the free stuff. Ads on occasion, but extremely small. However, we GOTTA endure advertisements. I’ve been using the app for a long time and still finding things that are at no cost. Highly recommended! !

It’s pretty useful and simple to use to date. We’ve found an app to create collages. It’s a lot superior to Instagram alternatives.

Not worth it!!! Pro is fraud. When you purchase this application, you’re supposed to be able login to any device. It’s not the case… I did pay for the FotorPro account. If I want to use it on other platform the PRO login I purchased isn’t recognised. I’ve contacted customer service and, after a lot of discussion they have acknowledged that I bought an account and it should be unique across every platform. In the end, they inform me that I’ll need to purchase a new account.

I am extremely dissatisfied about the customer service. I contacted the customer support team regarding cancelling my subscription two days before and got no response. I was still charged regardless. Then I sent another email in the hope of a refund and describing what I had done priorto that, but I received no response. I wouldn’t recommend signing up unless you intend on tackling problems yourself. Update: After I wrote this review , they contacted me to discuss the possibility of a refund.

The App is beautiful and offers high quality editing. But, it’s it is extremely demanding. It would be more beneficial should one be able to edit other data with data, rather than paying online.

GREAT APP!! The only thing I would like to add to make Google Play to do is to have the enchance tool allow you to create the picture and then enhance the details instead of enhancing it.

Congrats developers! I’ve been able to convince you to write an article. But it’s all for wrong motives. I’ve been using the app for over one year, perhaps two. The latest decision to alter the GUI was unsettling however it was not difficult to get over. However, the VIDEO advertisements after each edit weren’t. It took me forever to edit a few images, and some advertisements were inaccessible and wasted the time of my data and. I would advise anyone who is considering the app to leave. It’s not worth the cost of Pro. Sorry!

All in all, I’m very impressed by what this application can accomplish. I love the variety of effects. The app badly needs the smudge and clone stamp algorithmic fixes (like ones that can eliminate reflection, glare.) Additionally, I would prefer to have specific selection areas tools for the use of effects. Layers can also do this but they aren’t as user-friendly in an app for mobile devices. Overall, I’m impressed however, a lot of the effects too similar. Due to this, purchase of in-app items is not worth the cost. There’s a broad selection of stamps, effects frames and fonts that help this app stand out among the other.

The app is simple to use, yet it has the majority of frequently used editing tools for professionals. Many photo effects the Fonts add to the practical. I’ve been using it for more than two years now This is an app that keeps coming back, but the stickers need to be improved and it could have been more effective when more tools from professional photographers such as masking editing history, masking, etc. can be used to go back and modify the previously edited images. If the final is of higher quality than this, it will be quite pleasant.

Okay, I’m using my free account. I have all of the “free” options downloaded for frames, backgrounds, etc. The problem is… my choices are quite simple and limited. The application is quite good and is able to meet the requirements I need for it. It’s just that I need to reuse the same background frames and frames frequently. Not much variety.

It’s been in use for about five years, ever since the day I bought my first smartphone. It’s not complicated or too easy. My only gripe is how the effect menu seems kind of awkward to navigate. I’d love the option of saving my presets for editing that I frequently make so that I can quickly apply the effects to my images! I use Fotor to edit my personal photos and don’t utilize any of the sharing or community tools, so I’m unable to make comments on them.

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