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It’s a good time waster. It is not possible to verify that all cars have legal licenses. A few cars appear to be locked to AI. This was the CSR-replica I had downloaded. It was. It wasn’t a terrible one.

First, i would like to thank “Berga Gamer’s” for their fantastic game. It runs smoothly on 2GB and 3GB phones and has great graphics. The game is almost like racing. Keep developing the “playstore” with your incredible games

It’s a great game, but my gearshift keeps slipping at the start of each race, preventing me from winning. Uninstall the app, reinstall it but no luck.

You can get rid of those special races..

Great Game.. Graphics and overall gameplay are great. One thing is missing. It is not easy to get gold. Fix the FLICKRING on Licence Plates. The car will feel empty without a Bugatti Logo on Chiron. It’s still great.. keep it up.

It’s a great game and it’s really enjoyable. At first I thought it was annoying and ridiculous, but it’s actually really fun. However, sometimes I feel bored and want to uninstall it. I think ….anf it’d be more interesting if new games could be made using the same cars.

This game is fantastic, it’s just like drag racing in real-life. I absolutely love this game. My cousin told me about it and I love it.

This game is a great compromise if you are like me and don’t have enough space for csr2. You can customize it with tons of options, lots of cool cars and really great graphics. It’s a lot of fun, addictive, and overall, a great game. It’s a bit ridiculous that I have to use the Machanic to pass the global races. This game is amazing and I would love to see a sequel.

Although it was a 5 star place at first, the fun factor has diminished since the last update. It was difficult to win races due to the shift points being changed in many cars. I lost a lot of cars that I bought. Although I like the air intake mod, it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the mechanics. It’s still a great game, but it needs to be reverted to the original version before adding extras.

It’s a fantastic game, but it’s a copy CSR 2 and 1. The cars sound exactly like CSR 2 while the people in CSR 1 say they’d like the cars to sound like. Also, the cars have the same model.

This is a great game, but it has one problem: no matter how many times my phone time is set correctly, the game will prompt me to set the correct time online.

This is my first GT CL experience. It’s amazing, I love it. One thing: I’d love to see the Nitro flame coming from the exhaust.

The game is good enough for me, but I think there should be a fine mode. It’s a fun game, but it takes a while to get rid of the fines. It is a problem that I hope you can fix.

I just started playing the game. I have completed the first phase of upgrading my car. I need more time to fix my car!

This is a very basic copy of CSR 2, but it has been slightly downgraded. As much as possible. It’s not bad, but there are performance issues like shifting and the shift indicator not working correctly. It has failed to show me a good shift when I tried shifting. There are not many customization options. There are very few cars. There is a huge lack of precision tuning after an upgrade of systems, such as NoS, tire pressure, and gearbox.

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