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This game is amazing! Although there isn’t much to the game, no storyline or plot, it’s fun to be able swim around and eat everything, smash through walls in gold rush mode, and grow without spending money. This game is great fun, with the exception of the occasional video.

This is a great game! It’s great that I can explore the ocean and try every shark! There has been an issue with the coins that I have collected after I finished a game. It doubles every time I collect them due to the No Ads, but it also reduces the amount of coins. Since I purchased No Ads, I’ve been noticing this bug! Please fix it as soon as you can! This is a problem for me, and other players! It reduces my coins collection, which I don’t understand. Please notice!

It’s a great game, nostalgia and all. However, the score limit seems to be set at 2.14B. Anything more than that and my score starts dropping. Please fix the problem where the game hangs for a moment, which scared me into thinking that all my progress would be lost if the game crashed.

The Best Game Ever. I’ve been playing it since 2016. There is one problem. It’s not a big deal. But the game is amazing. WHEN WILL YOU GUYS BUILD A NEW MAP? WHEN WILL YOU GUYS ADD A NEW MAP?

Since the very first time I played it (8 years ago), the game has developed largely in a positive way. Unfortunately, there are many super sharks now and their appearance timing is too soon. This means that the once powerful GW is no longer a fish to be trusted in the ocean. I was only able to play as GW for 6 minutes before the sharkzilla shot me. Mako and hammerhead died quickly, which I can understand. But GW is a slower growing shark with a more difficult quest. It cannot afford to be a small fish.

The buttons are too cartoony. The worst part is that you can sometimes get out of bounds when boosting. And while i don’t have to do anything wrong, my shark’s model looks like you’re cloning yourself. Clones have no collision and it doesn’t move>

This game is amazing! It’s a great shark game, and I love all the ocean monsters and sharks. However, there is too few sharks and monsters. I also think that everything is expensive and it is hard to find gems. It’s a great game that I have had for 6 years. I enjoy the challenge of evolving, eating and getting new monsters and sharks. These problems should be fixed, but the game itself is great.

It’s great so far. It’s addictive, fun and very relaxing. For A$8 per month, you can subscribe to play pass. All in-app purchases are free. And no ads.

This game was my favorite of all time. The game was rediscovered again. It has the same amazing quality. There are not many ads. Earning all the sharks is a great challenge. Amazing graphics. My favorite game on my smartphone

Although it would be a good game, I find it to be WAY TOO MUCH. The play pass lets you instantly max out all your sharks using hundreds of dollars worth of gems and coins. It’s all about the time they have and not the other players. You could make them mini-bosses or Elites. Invaders sounds like other players appear on your map. This game is okay overall, but it’s not fun for me long-term.

It is really smooth and fluid. It is a better feeling than the game that follows it (hungry shark land). It makes me mad how much more enjoyable this older game is than the newer one. It is urgent that the current map be updated or expanded.

It would be a great game! However, it has a bug that takes all your coins. I had 10k coins and won 4k coins so this is 14k. I received only 300 coins. You can fix it and I will change my rating. BTW, I spent money to get x2 coins. Please fix it ASAP.

Great game with great mechanics and sharks. One issue I have with the Robo Shark (honestly, one of my favorite sharks to play), is that its hitbox for the mouth is very small. It’s nearly impossible to eat anything the first time you try. Please fix this! Apart from that, it’s a great game!

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