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Decent game. It’s great for passing the time when you are bored and have nothing to do. If you are looking for boosters, the ads are ridiculous. The game also slows down significantly if money isn’t spent. This is pretty difficult for single moms like me who don’t have extra money. I lose interest quickly and become frustrated. It also has the tendency to freeze upon opening the game. It doesn’t happen constantly, but it does occur occasionally and it is annoying.

Satisfrustrating Edit: Let me give you some tips. Add the ability to mut the sounds of the game in the settings. I want to listen to youtube videos while I play. The annoying pop-ups that appear every time you launch the game are frustrating. Also, the small adds that take up about half of the screen’s area is insane. It is wonderful that the ads are not random and do not appear during gameplay unless the user selects an ad to earn an ingame reward.

It’s great fun! I love the explorations and mining. The game has many great deals and treats you well. It does sometimes stop, but it’s not a problem. Everything is running simultaneously. This game is really enjoyable to me! 🙂

I bought this game to earn diamonds on My Dear Cat. I was afraid I would hate it and plan to delete my reward after I get it. But, it turned out to be a great experience. The ads are the reason it’s only rated 4/5 stars. This is my only issue, but you guys do have to fix it. It would make the game much more enjoyable. The prices for ads aren’t an issue as much as the number of ads.

The game is fantastic, with one issue so far… the ads. Yes, it is true that there are many games where developers need money. However, my phone must be set to airplane mode in order to play the game. Sometimes the ads are not mandatory, but sometimes you get random ads. I don’t like spending my money on gaming, so I won’t be getting the “no ads pass” thing. It’s almost my fault that there are ads. However, it doesn’t ruin the experience when I see random ads.

It’s a great game. However, it has an issue. If you change your date or time into the future in the settings, the game will register that time as money. This is not fun.

This is my favorite game. It’s fun because of the weekly events and the fact the levels are constantly increasing. You are never interrupted by the ads and they are completely optional. It has been a pleasure to play daily for over two years. I am a regular player of this game, and appreciate the constant improvements and increasing levels caps. Thank you game developers!

It’s a great game, I’ve been playing it for a while now, and it’s a good way to pass the time during breaks at work. My review was a 5 Star, but I’m reducing it to a 4. This is because I have noticed that every time I open the game, it just keeps popping up ads for different game items, such as the lucky wheel and Stella’s elevator. It’s too overwhelming to count them all, so you must close them one at a time. I get tired of having to close half the pop ups while I play.

It’s a very addictive game that is also a time-killer. I find it really annoying that there are male and feminine collection cards for upgrading workers. I don’t mind spending money on chests in order to find two card collections that have exactly the same stats, when they could have made each worker’s appearance independent and customizable in one card series. This is a big cash grab, if you ask my. It also doubles the time it takes for you to collect the cards that you need to upgrade. Each gender is distinct.

ADS ARE NOT PERFECT FOR KIDS. Although this is a great game, the ads for Puzzles and Survival are inappropriate. My 5-year-old son was playing this game and I clicked the ad boost. Next thing, a clown appears on my screen about consuming a boy. You guys are causing me nightmares! You should screen your ads more carefully. They cost you two stars in my review. It’s a fun game, not exceptional but it is a great time-killer. You should pay attention to the ads immediately.

In my spare time, I only played the game for 30 minutes in two days. You can make more money by having more tunnels. I haven’t yet tried cashing out because I don’t have enough points to do so. You can keep your mind active by using the boosters to go through the tunnels, which is a great way to pass the time. It’s fun! Give it a shot!

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