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[Free Download] Lumber Inc Mod APK 1.4.11 (Unlimited Money/Gems/No ads) Game for Android

As you know that in today’s world, trees are regarded the most significant object. Apart from producing oxygen and contributing to the environment, these trees are also employed in many various activities. To know about what they are generally used for and what earnings can you gain from them, you may download this Lumber Inc Mod Apk. Note with our hack version you will be awarded with infinite money and gems for free.

Game Overview
Lumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

Lumber Inc Mod Apk is a simulation game where you have to become a lumberjack and deal with trees. Now the game starts and you are a tiny lumberjack with very few resources. Your character merely has a little sawmill where he works. You have to accomplish the tasks allotted to you and from there you may start earning money.

Once you are on the proper route, the game will advise you and tell you what to do to become a lumber tycoon. Now to become a timber tycoon you have to work hard. You have to create as much wood as possible.

But manufacturing wood is not enough as raw wood will not provide you that much profits. In that situation, your objective will then change towards establishing factories where you can transform your wood into lucrative wood goods.

This method in the Lumber Inc Mod Apk your revenue streams will be separated into major 2 items. One will be selling the raw wood to the dealers and the other will be utilizing your wood to build items and ship them overseas.

Additional Information
Version 1.4.0 \sRequired Android 4.4 and above
Ratings 4+
Downloads \s10,000,000+
Size 143M
Updated on 16 September 2022
Category Games
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Lumber Inc Gameplay \sLumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

This simulation Lumber Inc Mod Apk leads you throughout your games and informs you what you need to perform. Your gameplay is organized into 3 primary regions. One is planting trees and taking care of them. The next is the transportation of these trees from the location to the factory. And the last one is selling and marketing.

You have to recruit different workers in your empire. From tree planters to tree caretakers and from tree caretakers to drivers and operators of diverse machines, you may recruit several personnel. Your factory that will generate things will also need personnel that you have to hire. So the greater your staff will be the more earnings you will generate.

Lumber Inc Features
Lumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

To know more about the game Lumber Inc Mod Apk, visit our features section below.

Lumber Transportation
Cranes, woodcutters, trucks, tractors, etc are very much vital in a lumber industry. These will be utilized to transfer the heavy wood and trees from one spot to another. So you have to purchase the latest machines and trucks in your timber business and pay workers to drive them.

Transport Upgrades
Once you have begun earning, you will need more vehicles with higher power and capacity to satisfy the rising demand of your clients. So you will require improved equipment and machines. You may spend your money to undertake several modifications to your automobiles and other wood-cutting and hauling machinery.

Employees Hiring
At the start, you alone will be enough for the task you are assigned. But after a couple of levels, when your needs will develop then you will have to extend your business and at that moment operating alone without any aid will become challenging for you. So in this scenario you have to recruit various workers for different places in your lumber firm.

Trees Plantation
You can not merely chop the trees at a quick rate. You have to balance the cutting and plantation to retain a balance in the ecology. Planting trees can also aid you in making yourself self-sustaining. So you may engage different tree planters and caretakers whose main duty will be to plant the trees and assist them thrive.

Factory Production \sLumber Inc
Lumber Inc

To gain extra income you can easily set up factories and manufacturing units where you will be processing your raw wood into some pretty useful things such as furniture etc.

[Free Download] Lumber Inc Mod APK 1.4.11 (Unlimited Money/Gems/No ads) Game for Android

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