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It’s a nice game. This is a great game. However, you could add some camping missons to the mix and put a captain with some skills and new maps. A map should also have bad weather and big waves. Please add a Bangladesh flag. I was trying to place a flag for my country, but it wasn’t there. Please put all of these things.

This game was a year old if you have to guess. I loved it for about a month. It was well worth the money, but I never needed to pay anything to transport it. It has great graphics, but it is also an issue. Recently, I re-joined the game only to find that my game crashed on the menu and during matches. It’s not pay-to-win like some googoogaga’s would like it to be. It’s best to do what you are good at.

It’s been a great game to play. To earn money and gain experience, you should mainly play offline. While it takes time to get higher levels, it is possible. Subs can be fun in certain levels. It doesn’t require you to buy anything to move up from level 22 to level 23. Keep up the great work, but you might consider selling your equipment and ships.

Incredible graphics! Some of the best I’ve ever seen! There are many ships, subs and carriers available. Each of these can be customized with various weapons and camofluages. It can be quite expensive to purchase ships, either premium or regular ships. Consumables can also be very costly. It’s amazing to see how much effort they put into this game, even though it was developed by two people.

The game is amazing! It can get tedious playing the same four maps. You also rarely win in random battles if your team is not coordinated. It’s better to play with friends or an alliance. You can play it for free, which I love. There are also a few items you can purchase that will make the game even better. The game is not perfect, but the tank would make it even better.

It’s an amazing game, but I find the constant camping at one end of the map annoying. This is a very airborne-oriented game. The winner will be the one with the most aircraft. Some players hide behind carriers and drag the match out just because they can. It would be great if matches were limited in time so that players could confront the actual ships and not just spamming them. 4 stars, despite the fact that it was a great game.

This game is excellent. It’s well designed and thought out. However, the controls could be tightened. You can make it easier by spending more money, gold, or other resources to upgrade your ships, weapons and planes. Also, you can add more maps and game modes. While I like the pairing mode, it should be fair. Keep the grind going, game developers!

This is the first and only game I have seen that allows you to battle with warships using modern technology PVP Battle. It’s not easy to complete the quests and levels. You will need to play for longer periods of time. I hope that the ships will be more designed from other countries. I will add another map. It seems there is a bug in the jamming system that I am hoping will be fixed. Sometimes matchmaking isn’t reliable about enemy ships …..

Excellent game overall. The graphics and gameplay are excellent, as well as the matchmaking. The only problem is that target acquisition and appearance on the screen are essentially radar-based. Radar range is fully developed. It says 12km but it is closer to 5 and nothing is visible until radar pings. It’s a little silly to see a carrier suddenly appear from 4.5km away and take up 1/3 of the screen. A 10km missile is useless if it can only work within 6 kilometers.

After playing the game for a week, I decided to review it. It is an incredible game. It has great graphics and lots of ships you can buy with the dollars you earn from it. There is also lots of action! You can watch ads, but they are only for those who want to. It was an issue, but it has now been resolved. Thanks! I love the game!

Yes, I will watch the ads. It’s not so easy. You will see a black screen or the “50%” ad, which is a fraud because the battle reward increases are a tiny fraction of the reward scam. My ship went into submarine mode. This is fun because port turns are slower than starboard turns and vice versa. The gun won’t work because it has been dipped in water. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience. You can see the sarcasm. Please.

I have made it to cruisers and have even spent money. Although the game has a lot of potential, there are many problems that make it frustrating. These statistics are totally wrong. There are many spots on ships that could be used to store useful stuff. You are matched against better equipment. You can also find submarines and ships carrying depth charges, but torpedoes are the only way to destroy them. This is the closest thing to the best ship game!

This game shines in its goal, to make people delete other boats from existence with another boat or a squadron capable F-22’s cursed carrier-capable F-22’s. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the “Ace Combat” controls don’t really allow for full freedom over aircraft movement but the “novice Ace Combat” controls. That is an incredible feat for a game that is primarily based on naval warfare. We wish the best for devs.

The graphics and gameplay are great. I have been playing the game for several weeks now. The only issues I have are with upgrading and progressing, which can be slow and tedious. It is possible to end up with just patrol ships and get destroyed quickly against a team that has heavier ships and helicopters. (The helicopters themselves are too powerful for my liking). This is a good start, I will give it 3 stars.

This game is amazing. Amazing graphics. The game is fun and there are no ads. You can pay a bit to win if your goal is to have the best ships, but the matchmaking keeps the teams in even groups which is great. I’ve become quite proficient and am now in t3. I will continue to play this game and won’t quit anytime soon. Great game overall. Highly recommended for war gamers!

It’s a great game, and I believe it surpasses all its competitors. Excellent UI, excellent playing experience, great graphics, and an exact copy of the weapons. This game gets thumbs up. It is my request that you keep the game the same, but add challenging weather conditions, at least one of the opponents being of a higher tier/level.

This game is amazing! It’s super fun, the graphics are stunning, and the sound design just ties it all together so well! It is very easy to understand and it is a great experience overall! Great job, guys!

The actual game is amazing. These are the improvements that the game needs: #1 better vehicle physics (the more powerful the armor, the less damage an enemy can inflict on you); #2 weak pionts. Once you get hit, you will cause a lot of damage. #3 Land vehicles. #4 More ships. And so forth. I don’t like how difficult it is to make money. The ad. And the ad.

This game is amazing, especially when it’s played with Ultra Graphics such as WOW. It looks so real and I love it! It’s so realistic, I love it!

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