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The game runs smoothly and plays like the traditional Monopoly game, but there are a few flaws. Single player mode can be very unfair and is based using an algorithm. If you make mistakes the game punishes you and rewards you for good actions. If you’re not able to pay and the other pieces fall on your spot or else they’ll are very rare to land on your spot. Although you pay for the download but there’s still a significant amount of in-app purchases and no prize for winning which can be demotivating. The UI could be enhanced.

It’s a lot of enjoyable. I’m sure it’s missing some kind of progression system or some other system that records the history of a match. I used to play this game many years ago and it’s seen a lot of advancements since when I first played. It’s essentially Monopoly however, I believe it would benefit from a levels mechanics.

Similar to it was the same game Lester or I used to play when we were children. My only complaint could be the fact that these games don’t require all the graphics on the central part of the board. But that’s an issue of taste and won’t impact game play. If you enjoy the game of board games and you like the board game, then you’ll enjoy this. Edit – A second issue when you need to input a dollar amount in an exchange, the slider bar can be difficult to adjust to the desired amount. It is necessary to press the + or the – button a lot of times. Make this fix, please!

It’s a good game however, there’s no zoom feature on the game board, which could be beneficial for players on phones with small screens. The timer is too fast. The menu is too simple and there needs to be a way of simplifying the appearance of the board in order to assist those who aren’t able to handle an unsteady city within central position on the game board. There’s nothing to strive toward, no rewards, or tokens that are unique to earn. The game is fast and easy to play even on poor wifi. Chat options that are more diverse would be beneficial.

One thing which bothers my is the fact that I am unable to see anyone’s stats, or myself, nor click on the areas of the board to read them when other players are playing their own. Also , if there was an account of every move throughout the game , in case you make a mistake, that could be helpful. Also, when the game is over, there’s no way to see the total number of losses or wins I’ve totaled. That’s all.

I really enjoy playing this monopoly game. it’s great! Graphics and design are great! The game is fine, but it is already expensive and we only get one theme for the board and the basic pieces for characters. Season pass and the rest of it is quite costly, but those articulates aren’t necessary to play the game. It would be beneficial to have more theme boards with the purchased games. A great game! I would recommend it!

The AI is clearly rigged, even when playing on a low difficulty. It’s quite irritating that despite spending money on the game, you have to buy additional packs in order to alter the appearance of the board and the pieces. This would not be a problem if the packs cost as much than the game itself. Season pass prices are also a joke costing more than 40 dollars.

A stunning version of the iconic Parker Brothers board game. “In App Purchases” label may scare you however, the game is completely free of ads and purchases are only to enhance the aesthetic. If one or more suggestions for features do end in being implemented, this is a five-star game. An unfluff application which cuts right down to brass tax, and doesn’t attempt to manipulate me, and I greatly thank them for the fact that it doesn’t. Great support, too. It runs great, the sound design is fantastic, it plays great. Highly recommended.

Inaccessible to on the internet multiplayer. There are no pre-made generic responses available during games. Also , there are no prizes for winning which means you’re basically playing without advantages! In addition to the limitations, the game is played with high standard with good quality graphics and we salute the graphic developers. (Looking for changes! and the team’s give feedback!)

A great game. It’s a lot of fun, performs efficiently, and using simple bots is extremely enjoyable. My only complaint is that it is if you are looking for something new , you must need to spend. New board? Pay $9.99. Are you looking for a basic token and a token which adds nothing to the game, besides the slightest bit of character, $4.99. Tokens for $4.99. You could also visit a ship and buy a cool copy of Monopoly, and gather some players together. There’s a lot of new games are included in these sets. But what if you’re are not in The UK and monopoly has a different look? Pay.

This game is becoming extremely difficult because of what appears be a disproportionate the use of RNG which results in ridiculous results. I play only in a solo game against computer-generated opponents. In most cases, they do not reject trading with each other, but often they either refuse, or demand crazy variations. Additionally, when I try repeatedly the same trade, but without making any changes it will take what it had been previously rejected.

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