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MX Player Pro was my default Android player for many years until I ignored this problem – information about the start and end timings of the selected AB Repeat was saved, but disappeared after closing the app. So it cannot be edited, but must be set again. The 1st wishlist feature will also be for the player to increase or decrease the key when playing the video of these songs. 2. As with volume and brightness, a vertical swipe in the middle can be to change the speed and a horizontal swipe to change the key
I tried their free qpp gor for the first time and I really liked it. So I bought the pro version. The key features of 2x speed when we press and hold the screen are missing. This feature is very important to me and I wanted it in a professional app as well. They have it in the free app but not sure why not in the pro app. I will update my review to 5 stars when they add this feature.
Pretty nice interface. Easy to use and lots of options for playback speed and stuff. However, it has several videos with EAC3 audio codec and they have no sound. So back to VLC and too late for a refund.
I edited my review because I found out that the problem was not caused by MX Player. I have been using this software for many years and especially the changes to the user interface over the past few years have not been welcome. Still, I still think it’s basically a decent video player.
Great app. I finally figured out why I couldn’t manually change the screen rotation; I’m using auto-rotate so it doesn’t pop. I now use the system defaults and rotate as needed for videos with changing aspect ratios. Do I point out that AMOLED black/dark mode is set as the default option when installing or reinstalling, or have a tutorial that allows users to decide on common options?
Thanks for the new update. Please make it easy to search for each setting option. Currently When playing music, the player displays two media alerts. I do not know why. Some audio formats cannot be played by MX player pro, but VLC will play them. If this missing feature is added, MX player pro will be the best video player. Good work 👍.
An excellent media player packed with many features. But that’s why I was disappointed to see that it doesn’t have chapter support. I would give 5 stars if chapter support is ever introduced in future updates. Edit: Chapters are finally supported now. Here is your well deserved 5 stars.
Great, I’ve been looking for a decent video player that’s simple and just works. Cheers from the UK, it would be easier if there was a clearer path to upgrade from freeplayer
It shows up in my default browser 🤦 even though it’s not the browser, please fix it asap. The system wide dark mode is also not reflected when opening the app. EDIT – thanks for the reply it worked like a charm 🤩 it pissed me off because the new layout was introduced

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