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It’s not a bad game. Although it is a little linear, the game is still very enjoyable. The problem is that the save system is broken. It appears that the save system is broken. The progress, map data and character data are saved in different ways. There are 3 save slots. Let’s say that you save the game in the 1st save slot. Then you make some progress, and autosave is activated. You don’t like the first slot and you load it. The map data/progress data are overridden by the autosave. Only the character data is from the 1st save slots. It corrupts everything.

Buggy, just wanted to say. I mean it. The game becomes unstable and nearly impossible to play after a lot of saves. It is unclear how the translation works. In school, I’m still trying to figure out how to put together the map. It was all done, but nothing has happened. What the hell? It should be fixed so that it can be “Playable” again and the tasks are more “clear”.

Although the game is quite fun, it’s also very bug-filled. You’ll lose your saves and other weird things will cause you to have to reload. It is possible for the English translation to be completely illegible. I had to stop playing, as I was supposed get Sam a beer at the Anthill. But there is a bug that won’t let him recognize I completed the quest. So I can’t give it back to him. I’m done. It would be a great game, if it weren’t so badly broken.

It’s a pretty good game, but when you save the game file, your character becomes floating on the ground. When you go back to the shelter (I was at the grocery store), it won’t let you and my game progress is stuck on one point. It didn’t help that the game was restarted.

I like the game, but cannot double-tap to store or take an item. Thank you for making crafting items accessible from storage. Thanks. Update: My quest now finds traces of Jacob at the school bug. I can’t get the quest to progress, and all the items were looted on my second playthrough. It must be a bug, as I have already completed the quest on my first playthrough.

So far, a good story. It is tedious to run at such a slow pace. I couldn’t finish the hospital because of my shovel. I used my sticks to build the first one, and I have cleared all rooms that I have. Materails do not respawn, which makes sense. I have cleared out all rooms that I cannot take wood for sticks and I can’t go to any other place. I don’t have a shovel so I can’t go to the doctor. Materials can be made to look like sticks from wood.

This game is great and I have never had any bugs. However, I find it very interesting to see the reviews of this game. Every update seems to contain a new person complaining about bugs. I don’t know if they are lying or if I am just lucky to not have experienced bugs in any other mobile game. It could be luck, but I doubt it. Scientifically, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not a phenomenon from the fourth dimension.

You need patience to enjoy the game. Once you can get past those, it’s amazing. Although there are many bugs, I recognize that the game is still in its alpha stage. It also has the long and tedious process of game development. When it’s finished, I look forward to playing the game.

It’s a great game if you have a few people playing it. The only problem is that it crashes sometimes and the quests are too vague.

I can’t get to the next mission due to it because the key for the physician area doesn’t work. Please fix the problem with the hospital. It’s annoying. I keep looking for the second key, even though I have it. And one last thing: the door on the left side of the ground floor cannot be opened. (For what reason? i don’t know). This is a problem that I am enjoying almost because of the uniqueness and fun of the game. This game is broken. Thank you.

(Fixed).My initial impression of the game was great. I couldn’t save my saves that I looted from the hospital. But I tried to load it and it wouldn’t let me. I recommend it 100% to anyone who is into survival games.

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