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This tool has been working fine for my dahuter to edit her youtube videos, except that we have had some issues uploading them.
I really like this program and use it to edit all of my 4K YouTube videos, and I’d like to keep my subscription going, but I’ve just started noticing that the audio sometimes lags behind the video and doesn’t sync up perfectly with what I’m saying. It’s hard to tell if the video or sound is lagging. Also, there are bugs if I try to add GIF stickers. The fonts aren’t displaying. If this isn’t fixed, I’ll have to find a new app.
After using the software for two months, I decided two days ago to pay for the premium version. While I enjoy the flow, there are a few issues. It’s so slow that I have to export an incomplete edit merely to check on my progress. This is a really trying time. And since it doesn’t save drafts, I have to complete it all in one sitting. And then they vanish, only to resurface a few times before finally disappearing for good. If the stutters and glitches aren’t fixed, I’ll have to cancel my order.

I was almost convinced that it was the top video app available. Don’t misunderstand me. So far, this is the greatest, however there are a couple of annoyances. I decided to become a yearly subscriber to the app. But the message keeps appearing as though I haven’t paid for the software, and I have to keep tapping “Restore” to get it to go away. Additionally, if I go back into an app to edit a video, the file will become corrupted to the point that it will no longer play, forcing me to repeat the process over. It’s frustrating, but at least I’ll have a copy on my phone. More so if you rely heavily on the app.

In other words, this is excellent! However, I can only use it for free and would want to suggest that you add additional features for individuals like me who either can’t afford pro or have already exhausted the trial period of three days. Furthermore, it is quite annoying because my progress is never saved and I have to make everything in one sitting. In case you have, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Overall, it’s a great app. I’m very relieved to have discovered it, and I’m seriously contemplating upgrading to the pro version (after the bugs have been ironed out). Transitions between movies are jerky or skip entirely, which is the only reason I haven’t done it yet. Really, truly, hope that gets fixed. I’d be sad to have to give up this editing program because I haven’t found anything else that compares to it. I could only give it three stars out of 10 since the video cuts were so painful to watch.

As editing software goes, this is up there with the finest. Changes occur throughout. Cool transition can be used at any time in the text. Numerous images and other media can be included. I know that there are a lot of advertisements and such, but come on, what app doesn’t have advertising these days? It’s a fantastic app. I can’t wait to use this software in the future to edit my YouTube videos. To the best of your ability, please accept my congratulations.

What a breeze it is to operate! This software is fantastic, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The exporting process is likewise quick and simple. You should include a chroma key function, less premium effects, and a custom effect so that users have more creative freedom. If you need a video editing program, this is the one I’d suggest. I appreciate you spending time reading this.

It’s much better in the pro version, which I got for free by searching for “vmix pro apk” and then installing it. The only downside is that there seem to be some bugs if you save a project as a draft; I can’t seem to get any of my drafts to load for very long, if at all, and I fear I may have lost all of my work. When I reduce the playback speed of a video, I encounter many other issues. While issues like slow download speeds and other annoyances are annoying, the Pro edition of the software is quite fantastic.

There is an issue with the video overlay function with the most recent upgrades, and you can no longer use several overlays at once. If you reposition, trim, or otherwise alter the other overlays, their audio will stop playing and you will have to start anew. Without those issues, it’s a fantastic app.

If you’re having trouble accessing your drafts, try the following: create a new project, add some random films to it, remove the project, press Undo Delete, and finally, go to the Drafts tab. I’m glad the issue has been resolved, but why am I currently unable to do a transition?

The app is fantastic. I whipped together a smooth opening sequence for my channel on YouTube. This is now my go-to app for editing content. Also, I have the ability to instantly create a movie or edit photos. Actually, I do make use of a mobile device, and this serves that purpose admirably! The fact that I can use this software to create slideshows as well as edit photos and Blogs is fantastic. Small channels or channels where people perform gameplays will benefit greatly from using this tool. A wonderful day to you, and God bless!

The first issue I encountered after purchasing the pro version was the need to physically confirm my payment. And now the effect is null and void! Two of the reviewers are right, while the third one is completely off base. 23-08-2020 Now that one item has been fixed, it’s much better. In the end, I’m forced to hit the Restore button and VMix’s watermark remains, even though I’ve paid for a lifetime subscription. Do we really need it? Not convinced; thus, urgent action is required. You did a great job, and I appreciate it. Roger

All in all, a solid software, however it doesn’t provide a ton of variety in terms of transitions and effects. It would have been preferable if there were an opportunity to get plugin effects from web or to extract effects from videos. In addition, there is no curve-shifting feature for adjusting speed. The center might also ice over at times.

To create high-quality films with amazing special effects, I frequently turn to this wonderful program. Recently, though, I’ve been having trouble exporting my videos from the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, but it had no effect. There was no problem with exporting completed movies yesterday morning, even though I have a premium subscription, but now there is. Is the problem with the app or with my phone? I’d love some input, since I’m keen to continue uploading videos. Thanks.

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