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Other than the constant advertisements (free version) that pop up every time you open an image to change ….I enjoy it. One of my top applications for editing photos, It’s fun. There’s a wide selection of options and plenty of possibilities to play with different creativity in your photos and how you create a appear. You can save them as well, which is fantastic.

Fantastic app to edit photos particularly for those with a keen eye for details and aesthetics. I have used this app along with PhotoFox also and both offer lots of choices and distinct features for each independently. In essence, for the few features I’m not allowed to use in other, they are able to make use of it in the other. This offers you a wealth of potential and ideas for the way you present your photos and editing many other posts, designs memes, designs, and so on. I highly recommend it.

It’s not quite as smooth as it ought to be. It kept crashing on me several times, and I made sure to check my phone first to ensure it has enough ram to continue, then cleared all junk file that I own and even deleted certain photos to leave enough space within my phone that would allow the process run smoothly however it’s still not functioning. In addition, I only downloaded the app only a few minutes ago but it’s now showing how faulty it is. I also have a picture of the notice of inconvenience as a result of the issue.

I’m not happy with the way it usually cropped or resizes images however it wants and cuts away from both the sides of images. However, I do not want that. Does it have a alternative to this? Does it require the images to be of the same ratio? Great effects, mostly.

This app is incredible. I had to try it out the beginning, but you can quickly design something stunning and simple! The results are stunning sparkling and vivid. I’m bald, but this gave me confidence in my appearance and I didn’t wear a toupee, and I didn’t even wig even a bit.

Initially , I was annoyed by the limited options I experienced with this application. There isn’t an instructional guide to help novice users understand the fundamental functions. I would suggest embedding hyperlinks that lead to YouTube tutorials or developer-created. In addition, add an option to toggle tooltips for all icons. I was then very impressed by the quality of the image outputs. The app is excellent. It is among the top I’ve tried. Are there any p.c version? I am sorry to the developers for my poor initial score. Could you please let me know how much the pro version will cost me?

I am in love with this app! It’s extremely user-friendly. it’s simple to navigate, edit , and make your own unique photos. If you’re looking to edit photos or creation , this is a must-have! Anyone who is already an expert in photo editing and creation should also have this!

When I opened the app, I was welcomed by a take a survey. The next screen asked me to sign up through Google play. Then ads and ads. I bumped my score up from 1 star to 3 stars due to the fact that the developer did respond and it wasn’t an automatic response. A trial of three days with no ads of is not worth it to me.

Sincerely, one of the most creative and resourceful Photo Editing applications ever available on the Playstore. It is clearly a well-thought out and useful app. The possibility of further improvements is appreciated while at the same while reducing on the intrusive pop-up advertisements. I would be happy to recommend it to my friends, family members and every other possible user. Great Stuff.

This app is fantastic! It is the best photo editor I’ve seen. numerous filters designs, effects, templates and so on to play with. This is in only the basic version. If you can’t find anything that will make you look great in your picture, the problem is you and not the app

3 stars as the app comes with a variety of effects that are different from other photo filter applications and it is very appealing for me. My only concern is that I hope the app will continue to update the app with regards to seeing a visual preview of the photo before you download the photo. I don’t like having to wait for the effect to be applied to the chosen photo and the moment it’s done I am not able to apply the effect to my image, it makes me feel like I’ve spent my time.

Photo filters frame, effects, pictures collages, and montage to provide quick adjustments Photo Lab boasts one of the largest collections of fashionable and humorous photo effects. More than 900 effects have been created to date! Amazing face-to-face photo montages, photo frames animated effects as well as photo effects are waiting for you to download. You can make your photo look unique within a matter of seconds using an experienced editor. You can set it as a contact symbol or wallpaper. You can also send a digitally signed postcard to a person you know or share it with any social network.

This app is very simple to use. It is full of exciting activities to get involved in. It’s a great choice for those who enjoy having fun with photography.

This is not 5 because, while excellent, you must generally accept the A.I.-generated image (even when it’s slightly misaligned) as well as have limited adjustments. (The Lyrebird apps let u choose. more.)

Filters are simple and fun to create. It is also easy to distribute your filter’s information with colleagues. For $19.99 an year, which is approximately $1.67 per month which is less expensive than any other app that permits users to make filters. Therefore, for the cost and what you get it’s well worth it.

I am awestruck by this app..I love working with it, and the result is nearly always great..I use it nearly every day and haven’t gotten bored so far. Thank you for creating such an fun app.

It’s amazing since I was searching for an app similar to this. It’s a struggle and if I do, or it’s not functioning in the way I expected it to or is not compatible with my device but I’m now so content and am enjoying this app. Thank you for the great job Guy, now you don’t require the desktop computer or laptop to take photos you can download this app onto your device and have a lot of fun with this App

It’s quite impressive, and I am in love with this. Pictures are flawless most of the time, but it is dependent on the angle, and other aspects. Overall, I’d suggest it

It’s an excellent application to edit your photographs. I’ve been using it for a long period of time… whenever I want to make special photographs, I open this application and just chill…

I am awestruck by Photo Lab, I’m stuck in my room, by myself and sometimes I want to go into the lab and begin creating beautiful photographs that I put all my soul and heart into each photograph I create I can’t possibly be able to say enough good praise for Photo lab please don’t ever go away or change , my love will never die, I’m excited to go in and make and display to my family and friends My skills have improved with my work ‘ Photo Lab, I spread your app to everyone I know.

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