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It was the best thing about 2016 but it hasn’t been the best game ever. There have been some changes and additions. The game is still very basic. All the little things, such as animations that take forever between screens and nonresponsive notifications or taps, are minor issues. tons. These small things have been driving me insane for 6 years. There has been not one uodate that would make the process more efficient or smoother. It seems like a cash grab right now.

My disability means that it was easier for me to get into gyms and poke stops. Now, I have to tresspass to even be able to go close enough to play. It’s annoying to have to update every few weeks, as if that wasn’t enough. There is no reason to try to play a game that you cannot even access the main parts of. It’s just too risky and not worth it! We are grateful for your help! We are so grateful that you listened to us and made positive changes. Many of us have to do things differently than others. We can still use them.

It’s a very enjoyable game that I keep returning to. It is a great game that offers a high level of engagement and rivals the current market. It is disappointing that the game’s main selling point, AR functionality, has not been developed and there are no traditional thematic elements to compensate. Overall, a great product that sets the standard in its category. It would be nice if that standard were a bit higher.

I love the game, and have been playing it since 2018. There is one problem. You need to do a research task in order to claim your prize. This is why I have lost 7 days of streaks so many times. This is a small change that can make the game more enjoyable in a subtle, but still noticeable way. Thank you for creating a great game! I hope that you will continue to improve the game and optimize the player experience.

It’s a very fun game. The idea of walking to play is quite creative. Some may experience weight loss as a result of addiction. Only problem is that the game appears to be broken on older devices due to the latest updates. (Can’t relate)

Excellent idea and execution. It is a passive game that can be played over many years or a pay-to-win game. It’s a waste of fun if you can’t catch a common pokemon using a greatball three times in succession. This is a poor game design. It’s a good idea. After some time, I have a review. The game is much more enjoyable and manageable now that I’ve played it a lot (quitting and rejoining due to the problems mentioned above). Level 25 is necessary… the game changes quite a bit, especially with pokeball catch rates.3*

It’s been a pleasure to play since the first release. One thing that I would like to see changed (rn), is the distance required to trade or a system that allows trading with different restrictions.

I am still annoyed at the bait and switch of promising free items, but I have to admit that I’ve recently returned to PoGo. Although some parts are locked behind paywalls, it is frustrating to not be able earn mega energy from mega-raids. Overall, I find the game to be a lot of fun and it has allowed me to see a lot of places that I would never have otherwise.

It’s a fun game. The app is slow to load and has difficulty tracking your location. This needs to be fixed.

There is no way to report cheaters. I’ve seen them use extra shields, quick charge moves, extra fast switching outs and they can make the opponent have a weak connection. Everything is fine until the obvious cheaters, who have already used 3+ shields, start to lose. Add an in-app reporting system. Perhaps you could choose the entry from the journal and then report. I haven’t spent any money on this game in the past year and won’t be buying any premium reward tickets.

Pokemon Go is a game I have always loved. It’s great fun, even if I don’t play it for several months. It has many great features, and is easy to use. The only problem I have right now is how much storage it uses. Because I don’t have enough storage, it’s annoying to have to delete apps each time an update is released. You can’t play the game unless you’re updating. Amazing game, other than that.

Over two decades of playing Pokemon. The first two generations are very nostalgic, but the modernized battle/catching system is a refreshing change. Some handheld game enthusiasts may be annoyed by the leveling process. You level up through candies and tasks, rather than through battles. But the game is very deep. This game has been fun to me four years after I played it.

Although solid, there are sometimes connection problems, errors, or lag. However, this is very rare these days. It takes a while to get stronger Pokemon, especially if your goal is to participate in GO Battle League. Although the trading system can be annoying, it is not required for completion of tasks outside of region-locked’mons. It’s a great game to play while waiting or to burn some time.

Overall, the game is good. The AR mode has some issues. It won’t stay on, and it doesn’t work correctly. Signing out didn’t work. I tried to uninstall the program and reinstall it. It still wanted to use AR mode. It doesn’t recognize me playing with my friend. Tapped. Multiple taps. Tapped and swiped. No hearts. A computer-generated friend should exist. Online friends are not always the best way to trade or gift with others.

The pokemon Go Plus accessory can no longer be used to catch pokemon. It will disconnect after every capture or escape. This means that one must repeatedly pull out the phone to manually relink. It also unlinks frequently after spinning a stop. I’m not sure if adventure sync is the problem, but it was several updates back. The issue started shortly after the last update. ANNOYING!

Sometimes, lags during battles or raids can prove costly. It is rare to experience a delay in completing tasks or quests, but they can be frustrating. This is a great excuse to explore new places, and we have made many friends through our shared experiences at bars.

It works well as an app, but it is not a good game. There have been some questionable decisions. While I prefer to play Pokemon games at my own pace, it is much easier to progress if you have other players (alienating gamers like me). They made significant quality of life improvements in the COVID restrictions, but they have since reversed them and made the game even worse than before.

It would have been 5 stars, except that every battle (trainer battles,raids,ect), it gives me the “weak connection” message. This makes it very difficult to win. Another thing is that the game would be much better if you could move with thumbstick, if I understand you. Please fix this Niantic.

I was not happy with the removal of features that were implimented to COVID. These features made the game safer and easier in general. Some of the ridiculous challanges made it impossible to complete timed tasks. I lost 150+ pokeballs, 500+ coins and gave up on one task. Or the “improvements” in mapping (not distinguishing between private driveways/roads or public roads). There are also many glitches.

It’s not clear what has changed over the past few days, but it used to be easy to exit and log back in. Now it locks and makes me log out. Then it takes forever to sign back in. Some glitch is happening. This is possible an update. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it.

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