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The app was and is my preferred application for editing .. Since I’ve updated it, it’s become extremely unstable. Nearly all of my old filters display a black screen glitches over them regardless of the export image being crystal clear. When I save the file and then open it, it’s completely covered by the black glitch. I’ve changed it, and regret it. I’d rather use my old filters without problems.

What did the app do for me? It’s true that the editing options you can create with this program is incredible! Without a membership, you can create an “boring” picture look like it was created by professionals. Being able to share filters is an excellent feature that can help newbies out, so that they don’t have to know how to edit a picture in order to use it! Anyone can make use of filters, and everybody has the capability to master the application, and I’m talking about I’ve been there with it , too! 🙂

It’s a fantastic app , it’s been a huge help in making my photos look better thanks to its tools. I like the wide range of options it offers making use of overlays and selections, all the way to creating amazing images. The app makes it simpler for me to make my own filters, but it also allows me to be inspired by other’s creations and help me improve my own work and the reverse is also true. This is a wonderful and easy application to play with aside from making your own images look more appealing.

I really like this app for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I discover a variety of inspirations. Covers, profile images, and others is really enjoyable. You can create your own filters from the your inspirations from any hue, object, and aesthetic. It’s very simple to use! This app was extremely helpful to me due to its simple feature regardless of whether you’re a beginner! I’ve been using polarr since 2021 and have never ever stopped. It’s a simple and fun program. Polarr is fun and user-friendly!

It is hands down the best photo editing application for free. this application is so easy to use even if you encounter issues. the team of developers always responds promptly to correct the issue which is what I am a huge fan of in this community. The app can be used for filter posts, fan posts, post, etc. It’s also extremely simple to use, and comes with numerous free tools can be used to make your filters unique. All in all, 10/10 and the community is fantastic I’ve have made friends throughout the time I’ve been using the polarr.

Polarr has been a great help to me in many ways. It helped me become more proficient in graphic design and has made my appear prettier every time. it has also helped me become an effective creator for myself. I’ve been using polarr for over a year and didn’t even try it due to its many options that are simple to use and manage it. There are a variety of aesthetic filters to choose from and you can design your own style. You can be inspired by other great creators and follow their work. POLARR IS A LIFESAVER! !

Recently, there have been some bugs in the program that weren’t present prior to that. In some instances, when using tools for perspective such as rotating canvas makes straight lines wavier and creates visible artifacts along the edges of your image when you add a border. borders.

It’s an excellent app..but one suggestions is that u could provide an option to add filters to videos as well, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not difficult..and we’ll easily do it so that we don’t have to search for and follow the lengthy process of applying filters to videos.. Check out this..other than that, the app is fantastic..

I am an editor, and always utilize the Polarr app. I believe it’s a good app initially, but then i discover that the filter I removed is now back! This means that i cannot delete the filter! I am also not happy with the latest update since the new users can steal filters that they have created! I really hope that polarr will be able to remove the update and perform their task better!

The app is great it has a lot of amazing filters however I recommend adding filters on GIFs, aside from that, this is an excellent application in my opinion, and I have not encountered any issues whatsoever.

The previous version was more efficient than the current version since it now has it has a Black line appears on photos while adding a white borders to images. What can I do to solve this issue?

Excellent app! I’ve recommended this app with my friends and family We all had a great experience since we are all passionate about photography. We love sharing filters and editing our travel photos here. Fantastic app, highly recommend it.

This app is amazing ! It has a fan page on tiktok, but this is the issue after I removed the qr codes on Polarr. It was there was no color or only one with different names. I’m not sure what’s wrong, therefore I’m going to fix it quickly!

Excellent application, but some of the filtering options is extremely poor, but there are some that are decent however, I would suggest to upgrade to a higher quality

Sorry to say that regardless of how excellent you think this program is, it’s no match to Lightroom for masking! You’ve tried to justify the cost differences to me previously but for the price of fifty dollars I shell out to Adobe instead of the $20 you pay me I’d prefer to pay them! Utilizing the same uneditable image Lightroom mask is perfect, and yours was not even in the second best! If your mask is as flawless as the others, please tell me! Although I love your app however, for the purpose I use them for, the one they use is better Thank You! Thank You

I’m using a moto G9 play. The app is excellent but the main thing I need is improved edge refinement. It’s obvious when you swap the sky 90% of the time. Or try to blur the image of people’s heads, or even manually because the edges are soft. Removal of objects and stickers would be great as well! As would flowers that are placed over the head of your subject. Shadows to create ambiance are perfect too! !

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