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[Free Download] PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk v10.3.1 (Full Unlocked) App for Android

I was going to give it 3 stars, mainly due to the premium cost. I changed it to 4 because they do offer a generous trial program. I would give it a 5 but I had some features lockup the program and force me to restart my device to clear. It seemed the pay wall was causing some issues, but the premium trial cleared them up. Otherwise, it’s very easy to use, has tons of stock content to use like music and SFX. I already recommended it!

Great App! I use this to make social media videos for my job and it does pretty much everything I need it to. I love that I can add transitions and special effects to my videos to give them a little pop. This is pretty much a lighter version of premiere pro. I upgraded to premium to get everything, I just wish so much wasn’t locked behind the premium wall. Seems a little unfair, especially since the free version has a lot of ads

I’ve been using this app for a very long time. I’ve used it for multiple American Ninja Warrior audition videos, and business abd advertising marketing videos. It has a lot of editing options and a large variety of additional fun and exciting video and photo add ons for any sort of imaginative idea that you have. I would definitely encourage many more to use this app.

Phenomenal video and audio editor. This free video editor is a better audio editor than the $15 FL studio mobile lol. How easy it is to be percise with your splits, the fact they added vertical mode recently, all the badass FREE INCLUDEED effects, transitions, and audio is blowing me away. This is no joke. This is a pro editor. Very very impressed with it. Only complaint is I cannot fir the life of me figure out how to fade out a video clip w/ out having to add a fade transition to a black pic

I rate this five stars because the quality is amazing and I’ve never found a better editing app. I know there are ads but cyberlink has to get their money somehow. I do like how u can sometimes use premium stuff and their is challenges to get premium. The one thing I would like to get fixed is when you produce a video. after a while it disappears and you have to search for ages in the photo app you have to find it so that’s really annoying. I found a few bids but some are still lost.

If you use it sparingly, your good. I abuse it and do a lot of editing and scene work with it. I apologise to the company, my complaints must make your coders hate me. But yours is still the best as far as I am concerned . It is a great set up. I still agree… It loses video when you get a couple hundred. FYI but still best for real editing. It can get real close. Two years later, still one of best. Love the names of videos

Had lots of problems using it on my Galaxy s7 tab….nearly gave up, lots of emails between me and the power director team couldn’t sort the problem…finally a big system update from Samsung…its now stable and hopefully fully working as it should. It’s easy to use ,loads of features . I like it as it’s not trying to be clever …I’ve just edited a 20 minute video , with cuts , transitions down to 2min 50 secs looks really good , great music selection Very happy now

Very good app, I’m very thankful for this app for my channel video editing jn YouTube, I just have one suggest, please make the text transition (or animation) can be fixed duration, example: I set the text transition to 1s, and I duplicate it and I put the dupe in longer, it should also 1s rather than getting moved. Pls make a settings for that, example: “fixed this time to 1s?” And there is on-off for it. Thank you, this is one of the best editing app in mobile.

I love this app for editing my IG videos! Tried so many other apps and this one is hands down the best. One important feature is missing though – ability to freehand rotate the video clips. Even my stock Samsung video editor does that. Please add this feature and you’ll get a five-star rating!

This app needs to be fixed, I was recording audio that took 2 hours and when I tried to add a song there, it was on the same line area as one of the audios and then it got deleted somehow, now i have to start all over Edit: I figured out the problem, sorry for leaving a bad review

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