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Since one year I accidentally changed country and there are no promotions so I can’t redeem any gifts so my account was very bad because I can’t open any packages last time so I can’t. i don’t get any new stuff..so i want to get the events again any way🙏🏻✨
Hi PUBG Mobile I have been playing PUBG Mobile Kr for at least 3 years but I don’t have materials to upgrade my weapons I have more than 9 weapons but as I upgrade my weapons please give me upgrade materials to upgrade all my weapons please 🥺 🥺🥺🥺🥺
The game has too many bugs and glitches if they fix them it can be better than codm. And pls make the crates odd taller, it’s too expensive or just make it happier
I think this version is the best compared to all the previous ones. The graphics are also better, only the eangel map lacks a realistic display. I like the new payload mode and I’m glad to have the infection mode back. All I want to tell you is to make the erangel map more realistic before everything is perfect. I don’t know why people only rated it 1 star or 2 or 3. Maybe they are all crazy. Nice but you really need to fix erangel to realistic. Thanks a lot
The best mobile game on the market and FREE!! I never liked mobile games until I played them with a friend. So much customization and no pay to win. The ONLY obstacle Bluehole has to overcome is the delay. Sometimes right when you get into CQB the shoot button doesn’t work. I’m sure they’ll figure it out. Great so far!!
Extraordinary. It’s a true mobile gaming experience that brings an open world feel to people who try it out. Do not judge the book by its cover. There’s more than just big explosions and awesome trailers. Start strategizing by communicating with other players and take your team death match to a whole new level
It was a good game, but now after the Livik maps update, it’s not pretty. Livik map is not multiplayer in pubg. It will be harder to play for 2gb ram mobile players.plz minimize update data. I’m a 3GB RAM gamer, it’s not hard to play but the glitches and bugs should be fixed quickly. Especially the buggy exploding glitch is very dangerous. Otherwise this game is very perfect.
Very good game. Better than the best. All the control settings are very good, graphics etc. The best game I have ever seen, but please fix the TDM bug, when we play the inventory room, the character runs so slow. Please fix this bug as it is so irritating that I have been facing this problem for a long time
This is the world’s best game for ANDROID, IOS and Windows or every system. It is highly recommended by me if you have a high-end device, mine is a mid-range flagship so I don’t have a problem. But its old versions used to lag behind. We will see how it performs on low-end devices since they added a low-spec version. It should run better in my opinion. This is the only Battle Royal game that I love the most with premium quality graphics.
Really beautiful game and the main thing is that they fix all the necessary problems, bugs and glitches. Classic matches need to be more and more glitch free, spector mode is a bit annoying when your teammate is sitting in the corner of the house and you can only see the wall and not the player. Finally the problem of cheating is where some players still use cheats to their advantage and bully other players, this developer creates a negative environment between players and leaves a harsh impact.
Hello! Pubg developers, I want to tell you that after the new update in the library mode ( gun game ), after getting some kills, we don’t get any gun. Is it a bug or an update but after replaying a few matches it works just fine like the old version. So I request you to fix this bug and many of us love this mode. Thank you!

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