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To begin, I’d like to say that this game looks pretty great. I’ve got my graphics at a low setting for performance, and it looks stunning. One thing I’d like to get the zero two emoticon (2 Phut Hon) returned. I wasn’t playing at the time, and was wondering what you’d like to do to include the emote again. Keep up the great updates! !!!! !

It’s an excellent game. I’ve been playing for quite a while now thanks to the creators. Very few issues, never met any English player since I’ve played. Every time I hear a strange languages, difficult to understand. It also consumes my battery quickly and causes it to get hot. I’m done for the moment.

I’ll give you three since the graphics of movement and avatar’s movement is thrilling in general. It’s difficult to keep emenies off. The thing I hate the most is that when you’re playing a game trying to enter settings, it takes a while to get there and then returning to playing is the same. I’m not happy about this. The game is still many tasks to do.

This game needs to be improved. Frame drops remain an problem(not fully solved as of yet). There are times when playing the game, it shows me the Korean languages rather than English. While playing tdm/rdm there’s a glitch that “Match starts in” gets stuck in the middle of the screen for the remainder of the gameplay. I would like to see the developers recognize this and fix the issue.

The first shot game that I’ve ever played. I am in love with it. It’s enjoyable and not too simple, yet not too difficult to master. And they make it exciting by constantly adding new content to the game. Every game is prone to glitches, bugs and cheaters. There is no way that a game will ever be 100% flawless, therefore people must stop putting their hopes on the impossible. I love this game, both the new state and pub G. I love the ability to switch off or on certain controls I don’t utilize. I love the themes of the pub g game more than the state themes, but I’m sure they’ll improve.

The game is definitely experiencing an issues with the internet. When playing, the ping is sometimes stable, but it suddenly becomes excessive. In BR matches , there’s many bots, it’s very annoying. I would suggest to increase the connection and improve your lobby UI more responsive and fluid. The graphics are decent enough, but it needs to tone down the hue to make it appear more real.

It’s a decent game with great graphics and a great gameplay, but it’s not as good as the original pubg. It is plagued by bugs. I’m not able describe them all, but one thing that bothers me the most is the car icon on the map. It’s not the exact location that the bike or car is. Additionally, it’s a lot more difficult to find enemies in the game, which could you could make it simpler. Make sure you fix the game first before you add collabs, events, or skins.

My first impression was terrible (lag and closing the game in the middle of the game, etc. …) even when I decided to delete the game. Then I discovered it was fine because it was very fashionable (40 million downloads in a single Week) which is why I stayed away for a while , but then came to find that they have fixed everything and the game runs smooth, the skins are awesome and you don’t have to pay-to-win. Therefore, I would recommend downloading the game and playing.

I’m a very creative person and using USB Debugging enabled is something I have to do on all my devices. But when I had enabled USB Debugging it didn’t allow the game to start. I needed to set a default browser in order to view the error that said that it couldn’t be launched without the USB Debugging enabled. Thank you for stopping my imagination thanks to your application.

The mechanics and controls have to be repaired quickly. The mechanics for driving are horrible and the vehicles are barely maneuverable and responsive to touches. Combat mechanics are equally terrible, with controls completely inactive at times. Simply copy and paste the controls and the driving mechanics from the beginning of PUBG and you’ll be able to fix these issues.

The game overall is very good. I love the fact that it offers more fps over pubg mobile. However, there must be something distinct in the pubg mobile, aside from the graphics maps, physics, and physics… For being exact the trailer said it was going to be fast-paced and many people thought that to have a speedy pased gaming experience. could be a refreshing alternative to the slow Pubg Mobile game play experience that is pased. However, it turned out this game was actually more slow. Evidently, that was the red flag to this particular game.

A good game, with one obvious problem bots. The game is completely crammed with bots. It is certain when you defeat an opponent and when you attempt to get them to join, they abandon the game and go to their game. It is evident from their way they move and the manner in which they interact with you. This makes the game simple. As you progress to higher levels, the bots are less bothersome however, they are still there. I’d prefer playing with fewer players than with an overflow of bots.

I like this Game so much.Its better than pubg mobile more realistic graphics and smooth gameplay but please i want some problem and suggestions are extreme erangal mode you want to recreate the graphics there is difficult to find out the enemy so please fix this and the suggestions are zombie mode,payload(helicopter,Rocket launcher,Vehicle weapons attached,etc….) And Holographic scope.

It was at a point where this game was the most suitable choice for me because it provides the identical experience like PUBG PC. However, at present it is constantly connecting and failing to reconnect, when other online games work well on this same connection. It’s really not playable for me right now. I would like to see the game fixed I am really enjoying this game.

Incredible gaming experience! Thank for the Krafton Team !… While playing, I felt the necessity of a name changing feature, which would be helpful if it were made available for no cost. Please include a recovery feature’ to solo mode that allows me to apply health even after knocking out. This would be extremely beneficial… and also, please add more maps! !

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