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It is very realistic and fun. You can also rank up your skills by playing fun mini games. My favorite part about the game is that you have different continents to fight on each continent. As you advance through the game, it gets harder and harder. It’s the best game I have ever played. I would recommend it to anyone.

This game is great, but it sometimes feels like I’m fighting an artificial intelligence in online multiplayer. The opponent will not adapt to my left jabs and I will literally throw them all the fight. It seems strange. The ranking system is a mess. It seems like I fight people at a level that is far below mine. It would be wonderful if algorithms were weighted more heavily upon record in matching fights.

This game is worth downloading. Although the gameplay is great, they crash the game during advertisements, causing you to lose. These advertisements have caused me more losses than actual losses. Every 10th advertisement you post to win the reward crashes, and you don’t get it. These issues could be fixed and it would be an amazing game.

I enjoy the game and have only a few requests to improve it to five stars: more rounds or online rounds; longer round times, or more rounds, for online play; back to 7 cards for the 10 lottery ads; block blocking at all times, even during special moves; weight classes. Thanks. Update**Since this review, the count has returned to zero twice while trying to view more ads to get more lottery tickets. Because my hair isn’t changing or I have tattoos, it doesn’t register, I am unable to complete daily tasks.

This game has been great so far. But, I am really frustrated right now. The game crashed during the fight, resulting in my perfect win record being lost. I was just 10 seconds into the fight when the game crashed. I returned to find an automatic loss. This will not happen again, I hope.

Amazing game. Great gameplay. It’s great fun. She doesn’t like me playing from the bottom of my phone. I try to parry, but I’m still throwing punches… Also, any way to make dodge a button not 2 fingers slide… MAKE A OPTION TO ADJUST BUTTONS

It is getting really annoying when I lose bonus’s and the game starts over. Also, it often says that an error occurred when I try to claim match bonus’s. Other than that, it’s pretty good. Cheers, peace

There are a few reasons it didn’t receive 5 stars. Pay to get up, or watch an add that cuts off your connection. This is a loss. Second…just as I said, if you cut your connection for even a second it counts as a loss. Loss? Get a call. I have won almost 600 matches and have never lost one other than due to an add or telephone call. I have six losses due to this. Third ….Long Wait Time Between Recharge of Stamina, which means there are no tourney winners

Although the controls and graphics are amazing, there are some issues. The energy situation is absurd, the currency prices are outrageous, the pvp system is not balanced, and you have to pay to fight. Finally, if the game crashes or loses connection, or is just outright broken, it’s an instant L. This game is not worth the money, but it’s fun to play.

It was a bit disappointing, as I made a lot of progress in Rocky and then it vanished. My gloves, shorts, etc. were not transferred to this version and I have to start over. It’s still a decent boxing game, except that you can’t move your opponent. It doesn’t even have controller support.

This game is amazing! It is a great game! I love it. I have always been a strategy gamer and boxing strategy was where I got into it. It’s a great game. However, I wish I could see the different body types and weight classes. As with any boxing game I play, I first look at the customization to determine if it will be a good game. Although the customization is nearly perfect, I prefer fat boxers. My character can’t be fat. ****

Great game.

Although it’s wonderful to play for free, once you reach North America Praries there’s no place to go but forward without paying. It would be great to be able continue moving forward even after losing without having to pay to play.

It’s truly a lot of fun. It is a great game. I don’t have to pay money every five minutes. However, I can still level up and get rewards to maximize my equipment. It would be great if there was a gender option.

It’s so great that there aren’t any ads. I also love the way it flows when you’re in the match. I really like everything about it. Everyone who likes boxing should get it. They should make real boxing 3. I also suggest that they make a campaign, and at the end you could do what his coach did to him. He put sleeping potion in his drink, so he falls asleep during the match.

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