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It’s hilarious to see all the situations and peole that Bob is dragged into, and the levels are very challenging. The products in the shop are priced fairly however the advertisements can be irritating, especially those that appear after you attempt to retry a level. Apart from that, it’s good.

It’s hands down one of the top casual games I’ve played. I’m almost done with all levels, and I’m looking forward to playing the second game. If you’ve received discounts to unlocking all levels, you should definitely buy it since it’s worth in comparison to the original price!

The gameplay is fantastic and the graphics are excellent. However, I’m only giving four stars due to the fact that certain levels that are nearly impossible to beat. I had to go through a ridiculous ad in order to purchase more gadgets. Therefore, I hope that developers created more user-friendly levels.

I think this game is very enjoyable and nostalgic. You can play different levels, increase your level of play and get better at playing. The most enjoyable part that the game has is Chapter 3. it features nice characters as well as a excellent underground lab and is really enjoyable, and often, it makes me think about what I could do. the game is an enjoyable game for those who are bored these days.

It’s a mental game It is a mind game, there are levels that are easy to clear while some are tough to clear, however it is possible to clear them. This is a fantastic game. I hope that there are more levels being added to the game. Absolutely recommend it.

I truly enjoy the game.. When I was in high school, I downloaded the game and completed all levels with ease. I also tried its second edition which was a complete blast. I am currently downloading it since I was missing the game and wanted to play it again. Although it’s a robbery game, it’s an extremely serious crime in real life , it’s fun to play on mobile virtual and having fun.

Nice nice,… extremely enjoyable game. I enjoyed the plot and how each level is built around an event that is happening. I loved the variety of gameplay mechanics as well as the control system was excellent. I would like to invite Devs who haven’t already made the game before to create an updated version, but each level is more able to get into it, and also be able to move around and more than two escapes… This is more fun to play and play each level in different ways. Be sure to add secret spots and cool collectibles to collect.

It’s a great game, and I love it to play for hours, however there are a few aspects to improve. Like when you drop a donut and it goes beyond your reach and you can get it back by walking across it. Or, if you’ve been caught and you want to attempt it again, it will take the user to checkpoints however you’re still in the same spot. Therefore, there’s no reason trying again from the checkpoint when you’re unable to finish your mission… You’ll have to start over in the end, so maybe you can modify this?

It was really enjoyable I enjoyed every aspect of it. I enjoyed the fact the fact that you could buy equipment, abilities, and outfits. I also loved that there was more than just the story level but also other levels.

The reason I put four stars instead of five is because of the more advanced one..Why did you choose to put the advanced version and I don’t understand why you can get advanced after completing the secret labs, but not the prisoner version. But apart from this. It’s a fantastic game, and I would 100 % recommend it to you:)

I’m not sure how many times I played this game due to excitement level of the game.. My opinion is that this is not the most enjoyable game.. It’s great to pass the time and also to entertain..

It’s a fun game that I’ve played for a long time for about 10 times. I’ve played Bob 1 as well as Bob two times. It’s a lot of enjoyable and lots of players complain about the advertisements, but I turned off my Wi-Fi and there were there are no ads. It’s been very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Excellent game, but when I’m about to finishthe game, suddenly an advert pops up, and I have to wait and think it’s just an ad . The moment I return to the game, I’m required to begin the game (again) Pls check that or simply try to get away the ads

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