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The game is great! The game has great graphics and cool games. However, the one thing that bugs me is deleted shirts. I used to buy a shirt, then later it would get deleted. This would mean that my robust would be wasted. Since I have many old items that I don’t use, I believe there should be an option for you to sell your old Robux items. The game is fantastic, other than that!

Although the app is fantastic, I have encountered some minor bugs that are still not being fixed. It seems that every time I try to join a game, it fails to register. The app only works if I reinstall it. The camera glitch is another problem I am having. It freezes every time I move the screen. There are usually ways to remove it, but in most games they are not. Roblox is responsible for fixing it. Overall, I love the app.

It’s a great app with many games. However, once you start playing a game with people on it, the screen will stop working and freeze. Then it will glitch out and kick you out of that game. This is the problem I have with many games. It would be better to give away more clothes to those who don’t have robux. It’s also very entertaining, so you should definitely try it.

Excellent game. However, there are some bugs and issues. Some games have a sudden halt in turning the screen and it will go in and out no matter what you do. Sometimes it can get so slow and glitchy that it makes it impossible to play the game. You should be able to change the color of your main screen and choose from more clothing options for those who don’t have Robux. Apart from that, I’d love to continue playing this game.

Although the gameplay is acceptable, they need to add a control customization. The buttons are too small and poorly placed for mobile players. I also like the censorship system. Another bug I found was that the camera would sometimes get stuck at an angle when taking screenshots. I hope this is fixed soon. Apart from that, I think the game is great and fun. I also love the character customization.

The app is almost perfect. However, there are some things I would like to point out. The first is the private chat. To clarify, it sometimes won’t let you leave the chat, but allow you to rejoin. The screen – Sometimes it won’t allow me to move it and instead zooms in and out. Storage – it would automatically quit the game when I was playing. It used 78% of my storage. This is about 3-6 gb. It would be greatly appreciated if you could correct this ASAP.

Roblox is a wonderful app. However, I have an issue and others have experienced the same problem. Sometimes, when playing a video game, the screen will glitch and it doesn’t matter if you touch the screen to reset it. It zooms in and out, but that’s all it does. Instead of moving your avatar, it will zoom in and out. This bug has been a problem with mobile devices for a while, and Roblox should fix it.

The game is a joy to play! I have been playing the game since 2015. However, the constant updates to the game are very annoying. For example, the servers. It’s so complex, it doesn’t seem as simple as it used to be. You can’t even remove the “location” button from the settings. I’m trapped in servers that I don’t understand. I hope that you can solve the problems and bring it back to its former glory.

Roblox is so much fun! Roblox is fun because there are very few bugs. You can also play with friends from all over the globe! It’s the new update that is why I rate it 4/5. The new way you exit is not what I like. It used to take you to the screen with the three options at the top (leave set continue), but it now takes up half of the screen and is a lot more confusing. It might seem like they simplified it, but they didn’t. Perhaps they should change it so that everyone can give it five stars.

This game is my favorite! There are some glitches, like when I play a game my screen locks and I cannot move it. Another glitch is when I try to move my screen, it zooms in and out instead of changing the view. Overall, this game is great.

This game is my favorite! This app is great! However, I have one complaint. Sometimes I try to join a friend. It has happened only a few times. But, the other day I tried to join a friend and it told me the same account was launched in a different experience. Please try again later (Error code:) or some such. I tried two more times and it failed again. Please fix my internet connection, it was broken a while back.

This app is great and I love it a lot. However, I think the robux should be cheaper and the items should not be as expensive. It keeps stopping me from updating the game, even though I have enough storage. This needs to be fixed. I would give 5 stars.

Great game! I’ve been playing for 7 years and have never had any issues other than crashing, lag and roblox down. Mobile is different. My screen zooms in when I visit someone’s profile, or attempt to buy robux. However, it’s not a problem on the homepage. It’s not clear how to fix it. I have tried several times to reinstall it and can’t find any information on the internet.

It’s a lot of fun. There are many exciting games. The screen glitch is one of the problems I cannot solve. It freezes or doesn’t turn when I swipe. It also quickly filled my storage, which causes me to leave the game and it won’t load for a long time. Thanks for entertaining us Roblox community!

Since it appealed to investors, the game has fallen from its former position. It’s not true. It extends back really far. Barely listens to the community feedback, makes pointless and useless changes most of the times, breaks games, and doesn’t fix bugs that exist on the platform and not specific experiences. Only what people have done is positive to me. This is also what I find enjoyable and tolerable.

Although I love playing, there are a few things I feel should be changed. 1) Pay for Robux: While I get that money is important, the fact that you don’t start with any money is frustrating. 2) Offline mode: Having something simple that allows users to play on the move would be great. It would also make it easier for people who are constantly on the move. Game save modes: Instead of restarting, have a save mode available in case someone needs to continue.

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