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No more “OMG!” What’s the song? It’s right at the tip of my tongue!” It’s just a matter of Shazaming it! It’s solved! Seriously. The app is great at identifying mainstream music, as well as obscure music. It has impressed me many times. It has let me down very rarely. It saves searches and can even convert song lyrics into songs. This is very helpful. It’s just fun. It’s been on all of my phones for the last five to six years. It’s a must-have app for me. Minimum r 10-12 years.

It’s a great way to discover what music you are listening to. When you click the play full song button, it no longer opens apple music. It can’t open the app store to get apple music, which is frustrating. To play the song, I need to remember its name and spelling so I gave it a few stars. It’s a good app, however.

It’s amazing! I open the app and give it three seconds of audio. Then it recognizes the song immediately. It’s listening to me, sometimes it detects songs instantly, which is kind of creepy. But if you press the lyrics button it will sync up to the source of your audio… so cool !!!! I would like to see more streaming options, but it is a great app.

Shazam has been my go-to tool for many years. It amazes me to this day how the application can identify the name of the song or musician by simply running it for a few seconds. One minor issue I have, and this is probably user error, was that Shazam once saved years of song history and then it reset how. It’s not a big deal. It’s part of the fun to scan the songs you dig!

As of lately, this app has been very irritating. Nearly every time I Shazam a song using the notification bar, and drag the icon above the X when it’s done, the lyrics from that song appear in a square at the bottom of my screen. It doesn’t disappear unless the phone is restarted. It’s irritating as **** as I write this review. I keep taping the box by mistake if I need to type B, N, or M. I can’t access my text due to this.

This app is a game-changer! You no longer have to wonder what songs are. There are times when you see a live performance but the band plays it differently to the studio version. Although it can still win most live performances, it still deserves five stars. We applaud Shazam! You’ve made the world better.

Soundhound was my go-to for 90% of my needs. It helped me find one song out of dozens of songs that had no lyrics. The app found them faster than soundhound and did so without having to swap between apps or trying to get two apps running at the same time.

I have been using Shazam since 2016, when I was at my prom. Recently, Shazam’s song results are not as easy as they were. The app is refusing to find the songs I want, it has missed many opportunities to update my playlists and that has made me disappointed. It was great when it was.

This app is a favorite of mine for many years. It’s the first app I download on every new phone that I buy. It’s important that I sign in to it, so all my tags from the past years can be retrieved. I love the fact that any song I tag is automatically added to my Spotify playlist, so I can listen to it from anywhere.

Shazam is an amazing app. It’s great for anyone, from young children trying to learn to read to older adults who love music and sing along. Many songs include an icon that allows you to learn and follow along with the lyrics. It’s likely why most people use it. I’ve sung songs in the wrong order for many years. Sometimes it’s nice to see a picture. Most of my songs can be re-recorded using the Shazam song library. There are other features too!

I love the fact that I can identify songs and save them to a Spotify Playlist. The Widget option (EASY TO ACCESS), allows you to save songs and drive. It’s great fun to play the Playlist Of Shazamed songs. I get a great shuffle variety from all the different things I have listened to over the years. It’s not uncommon for me to find myself in a 50/50 split of shazaming songs that I know and adding them to the Playlist. I also enjoy discovering new songs at radio events or while driving.

In my opinion this app is way too good for people who don’t know the music name but likes to hear it.Therfore, I would say from my experience Shazam is one of my fav apps when it comes to search for music.Anyways, I would like to point the devs a glitch or a missing feature(idk)that when I first a song name with the lyrics it predicted pretty well and results were good but soon i tried finding the name with the instrumental mix it was not able to predict some parts ofthesong.Itwouldbegoodtofixit

This app has been great for me for many years. It was perfect for finding your song. But now, it isn’t working. I can’t Shazam a track from a video in my smartphone unless it’s being played by another phone. This is a bug.

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