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The game is fun and enjoyable , and it’s also the kind of game that lets you leave the game but come back to it. However, i would like some additional features to add to the game, like a feature that, players play using a controller or gamepad the icons for UI/Interface/Control change such as, for instance in the case of playing using a controller, the move attack and skill icons need to be smaller and placed on the left of the screen so that allows us to see the buttons to press, as well as to allow the game to easier to navigate.

An amazingly balanced game and the way they manage ads is one of the most effective I’ve ever witnessed. There are no ads in the game. However, if you die you are able to live another day by watching an ad you’ve died again. This is great because it means that the advertisement doesn’t interfere with the game. There’s plenty more I could talk about but you must discover all the amazing pieces of the game for yourself.

Fantastic game, tons of fun , and you’ll never be bored with the many options available for game modes, weapons as well as challenges. There are however some things that could help make it a more enjoyable game. 1. Create a trash weapon during gameplay , so when you are using three weapon boosts, or playing Airbender you can remove the weapon you do not would like to. 2. We can customize the controls to ensure that aiming and moving are not separate. 3. Let us change character names within the lobby instead entering and exiting the lobby.

It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played however there’s a major problem that makes it among the most enjoyable, but not the best I’ve played. The issue is the optimization. The game I’m playing is the origin mode, but it’s not playable for me. I can barely move, the frame rate is slow, I continue shooting even though I stopped about a second before, and the delay is destroying origin mode.

Pros: A complete roulette with options and weapons which are totally random, you don’t think you’ll get the identical weapon over and over. It’s a fun, chaotic adventure which you’ll certainly enjoy when playing shooter games. Cons: Not having a Multiplayer feature (Android) The game’s Dungeons might differ for different players when Multiplayer is enabled. joystick controls (For me of course!) It’s a lot of annoying, terrible bugs that I’m not able to list Overall, quite a good game. Certain fixes are needed however.

I’ve played this game for a long time, and it always manages to impress me. Amazing graphics and gameplay and almost without advertisements (unless you’re hoping to earn some kind of reward) as well as constant updates. Certain content is behind paywalls, but it’s still accessible in f2p and it’s also cheap. Additionally, it might lag occasionally if your device is not a potato, however it’s a great game for chillyroom 🙂

The game features a enjoyable gameplay mode where you gain strength as you play. And while this is true of the majority of games, this doesn’t get boring and repetitive since there’s enough variety in its various aspects to the point that I’ve been playing the game regularly for nearly five years and am constantly getting better and learning. The small amount of paywalls that are available for certain characters and skins are acceptable because they’re technically not necessary to beat the game.

Game is awesome… Fantastic soundtrack D&D kind of game, and I enjoy it…game gets more challenging as you advance and gives me the sensation that I am playing more…lots of characters and various abilities , with many weapons available (that up to the present day) of playing for more than a year I’m still looking for new weapons that I can use to give )…some clues to cartoons, anime, TV shows, etc… I would rate five stars to me.

This is one of the most enjoyable games you can play with your phone. The gameplay is fantastic and I am awed by the design. However, please include online multiplayer. It is possible to do so. exist, but it’s only in the form of LAN multiplayer, which means that you and the person you want to play with must be connected to the same network. I’d like to play with my friends and not need to connect to the same network. Therefore, please consider adding an multiplayer online on the next update. The game would be much superior if it comes with this feature.

Excellent game, however there is one issue… For the Pixel 4A, after downloading Android 11 system, the game stopped working. When I launch this game, it displays the normal opening with cats running across the screen. However, when the cat is at the point where it is the cat stops and leaves its tail behind , and crashes the game. It is a shame because soul knight is among my top mobile games, even if not number one. Edit: THEY FIXED IT NICE

A great game that plays very smoothly. I love playing it, and it is packed with contents. There are plenty of characters to play and it’s always fun. Handles advertisements well, not overwhelming you by ads. If you are revived by ads, it doesn’t stop the game, but will wait until you die which allows for a smooth game.

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