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It’s a great game, nice and simple and you can play it offline! I haven’t had any annoying glitches or outstanding issues. The only downside is that if you want to get everything out of the event, you have to play it every day, which can get a little boring. Another problem I have is that I uninstalled the game for about five minutes, but as soon as I reinstalled it, I forgot my 2 years of progress! I’ve done it before, but I’ve never forgotten it. So if you don’t, you’ll have a great time.
I absolutely love this game!! All characters are unique and different in their own way. I wish we had more ways to spend the gold coins we collected instead of having to use character tokens or use real $ for things like characters and boards. It would also be nice to be able to choose any previously visited location to play instead of being stuck in the chosen location. We should be able to buy the characters and boards we missed with coins.
I really like this game, but I have a few complaints. Number one is when the game updates, if it’s a new season, my score multiplier goes up down. Once I used it up I was 33 but when the season changed it dropped to 30. It then increased to thirty two and is now back to thirty. It is very unpleasant. Number two is that some quests are just impossible, like not getting coins until you reach 250k or jumping to 500k. I love this game but fix it 🙂
I don’t really play it often, but it’s a good game if you’re on a long road trip. It can be boring at times but overall I recommend getting it (Edit: I’m playing it so much now because I’m determined to get rewards for events and it’s really cool. They always have great rewards for the season they put in. I hate when they make you wait for hours for the next event rewards but they unlock everything for you at one point and they are great. I love the characters you can get. I give 5 stars. I love it! <3)
Subway Surfers is by far the head of the most iconic and fun games on the web. And events in a game that appeals to all ages and are loved should be different, for example, the event in Tokyo has come many times and now it’s getting boring. I think the tournament in Turkey with a lot of players can come as a new event and I am sure he will like it very much. The theme of the world-renowned tourist center of Istanbul can be used. Even the tokens we collect for the pass can be in the form of bagels.
Amazing mobile game, quite relaxing and addictive. Although I do wish that when you collect or buy characters they give you some sort of advantage in the game, like giving you a certain amount of headstarters or hoverboards. Otherwise, I recommend this game because it is very fun.
It’s been a year and now I’m addicted again!!! I love this game. I’m amazed at how the graphics have remained the same as they were top notch then and are top notch now. The only game or app where PPL LOVE THE ADS! you can really get rid of ads. This has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played on any device. I love it.
I have loved this game since the beginning. I don’t mind advertising because it’s optional. Even when a popup appears, the x button always appears for a few seconds. Also, if I buy a mystery box for 500 coins, I get 300 coins and double with advertising becomes 600 coins. Now that’s great. The ads are also pretty fun to watch because there are some ads that you can play within the ads themselves. Let’s just support the developers. Making a game now is work. Everyone needs money. Plus, this game is fun.
I am so in love with this game, no age limit or anything. I play it just to not enjoy it, and even if I’m happy, the fun itself! I used to get frustrated with these endless ads, but over time I realized how much I needed them to boost my abilities, keys, coins, etc. yunno. I love every step of the upgraded versions, they are so cool and game changing themes. This is a fantasy game, I promise you all that. I don’t need to buy any power ups because the ads make me much more powerful. I beat my lil sister here.

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