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Excellent keyboard. It is very user-friendly and has many customization options. You just need to be able to disable the behavior whereby the cursor jumps at the end of a word when you tap on it. Editing the middle of words becomes more difficult. Voice typing is also an option. Swift keys are used in some apps, such as the “Tube” app. Swift keys prevent voice typing via the keyboard. There is a difference! This is not good usability.

This keyboard is lacking a very useful feature. Sometimes, I need to bolden, italicize and underline text. Each time I need to do this, I have the task of going through it again and choosing one. This can be frustrating, especially when I do it multiple times. It would be great to have a function that allows us to use multiple operations on the text, such as underlining, highlighting, and so forth. You don’t have to repeat the entire process each time.

Everything’s great! The clipboard is weak, however! The clipboard on the mobile does not save many items. However, it shows a very small number of recent items. The clipboard does not save stored items for long periods of time without pinning. Sometimes the copied text doesn’t show up on the clipboard. I have complained about this issue for years, but there are no updates! !

It’s a great keyboard, which I have used for a while. However, lately it crashes. Although I don’t get any popups or anything, the keyboard would close in the middle of typing. It doesn’t always open immediately after. It happened after I updated to the latest android update. However, it has only been apparent for the past few days. Is this due to the phone’s memory becoming bloated?

This keyboard was amazing. It was able predict my movements and type accordingly. It picked up a lot slang and the customizable settings are great. Since switching to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 I haven’t touched it. I would return if they had the same keyboard, but could split it down the middle like the Samsung keyboard can do. It’s a ghost app that I don’t use.

Update July 20,22- Developed response. I did what was suggested in the article. So far so good! Thanks. Rated from 2 to 4. It worked fine for two weeks, then it stopped picking up motion as before. Making constant corrections to simple, frequently used words. It is very irritating. Autocorrect assumes a negative intention and is aggressive. Swiftkey just gave me the word “straight” when I swiped aggressive. It was so complicated that I had to write it down. It did not “have” when I swiped “gave”.

Great keyboard. It works better than the default Samsung one that never learns. However, developers should stop using spaces after choosing a word from the predicted words. There also needs to be more predictions (currently 3). Each time a word has been selected, a space is automatically placed. This makes punctuation placement a tedious task. You can also correct an error.

Although typing is great, the following features are not available despite many requests. You can also have a dedicated button for voice input in the top-right. This is essential while driving. 2. You can also choose to add a. A dedicated question mark button. These options will not be available to many users of gboard.

This is my only keyboard. It’s simple, I like it, but it needs to be updated. Because whenever I switch to another keyboard, I switch back to this keyboard. I want to switch languages, but the prediction thing doesn’t work. You can’t also switch languages. The good news is that you can wait, but it can take a long time. What if you are in a hurry? This needs to be fixed.

Since its launch, I have been using the app regularly. It’s the best Android keyboard available. However, I have one request. Is there a Samsung Adaptive Theme that has the special characters visible on your keys? It bothers me that I cannot use such a beautiful theme. I have gotten used seeing all characters at once. Please add it as often as possible. Thank you, a long-time fan.

This keyboard is a great tool. I have used it for years and love it. Word prediction/autocorrect can be pretty wild sometimes but still much faster than typing. Although it can be hard to find the correct settings to access accented characters (should be turned on by default), it is easy to get it working. I would love to see more stickers in the future. It’s still my favorite keyboard. (Edit a technical issue using a prev version of the keyboard has been resolved.

It has gotten worse, but it’s also improved. It used to be able to view the Android clipboard, but it has stopped doing that. Also, it makes certain apps incognito without the ability for you to disable it. I searched online for help and found out that people had complained about this 3 years ago.

Since I can remember, this keyboard has been my favorite. Although it’s great in its own right, the highlight of this keyboard is the cursor-arrow keys at the bottom. These keys are unique to any keyboard I have tried, and they have made me dependent on them. I wish there were more custom themes. I would like to be able change the color of the letters and keys. It would be great if we could also delete themes from “yours”, after we have tried them out and decided not to like them.

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