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The game is good yet there are few lackings. Number of rests are limited, and often it is easy to win without my present. But when I am present in a match, opponent plays better everytime! They need to repair these flaws and sort out the players who had superior players because they spent more money always. 3D version is cool though.
An outstanding sports management simulation. Amazing graphics, great game play, logical progression and a quality execution. The *one* thing that I do not like is the downgrading of players after a season. There’s too much riding on it. I don’t wanna spend and train on a player if I know he’s gonna lose it next season. I end up shifting players so much because the talents they lose (as in drops in percentages) seem to have a major affect on next season’s success. Awesome game nonetheless!
Good game, but would want to see more versatility in strategies, especially during a game, where it’s tough to make changes and they take too long to put in to effect. I would also like to be able to buy/sell players to other managers. Like the new highlights but need to include the odd rebound goal so as to build tension after a goalie saves the ball. Also, way too many goals are scored from free kicks which is quite impractical.
Best football game about! Additions to the game, keep getting better and better! Keep it up! Only tiny problem I have, is losing a whole star each time you go up a league, it feels like a punishment more than an achievement to go up a league, especially when it comes to playing the associations, you’ll get beat by teams with 8 stars, while you have 5, because you are 60 levels higher! Some little fixes would make a slight impact! Loving the new additions to the achievement awards.
I’ve been playing this for a few months, sometimes leaving it for a week or so without getting involved. It’s amusing and the tutorial at the beginning is useful and not to dragged out. You do actually need to play everyday as sometimes you can have 4 matches in one day!!. On the down side you are bombarded the pop ups, and I mean assaulted!! Jesus they never stop. Even when playing a match they pop up, “do you want to watch someone elses game”, “everytime there’s a goal scored” ect…
Just started this game yesterday, so far so wonderful. Update: The new 3D feature is fairly fantastic, however there is still space for development. For example, making sure offside actually works. Also adding in throw-ins, replays and making sure there’s the chance to receive the ball back if keeper stops a shot. Edit: Ok they’ve added offside that’s wonderful, now waiting for throw ins, replays and possibilities for rebound if keeper parries a shot.
Loving it a bit more interactive than just playing a match against opponents and no development of the club. I would recommend it especially since it has kept me going through lockdown. A few useless tournaments that if you enter you have no control when they are played and who you play thus might lose every game and not know about it! The association feature has added another layer to this game. I am a free to play enthusiast so like the idea I can play for nothing! Still keeps me engaged for now
It is one of the best games ever but I think there must be some improvements to be done like every season we cannot keep losing one star from our best players and the tokens almost must be reviewed as it is too much to spend and I wished we get the old system for Euros or World Cup like we get to choose our National Teams. I thank you in anticipation and desire to see the modifications soon and get playing again and again. And we need to have extra rest pack, 3hrs to get rest is simply too much.
We can see that the game scenario is sometimes modified by specific statistics: shot efficiency for example. When a team has 100% shot efficiency during a game, even having shot ONCE at goal, the opponents will have lots of shots and will never score. And that is incredibly upsetting because guys miss 1v1 situations against a goalkeeper who is 20% weaker than them and that’s horrible because it doesn’t even exist in reality. I’m glad I don’t PAY for this. Mind how you WASTE YOUR MONEY.
Generally quite nice. Few flaws, but hard to do everything correctly. Kick off times often inconvenient and you have to spend tokens to modify them. It’s hard enough getting them in the first place. The objective is obviously to persuade you to spend money on in game things. Still addictive as a footy game though.
The game has pretty nice features. The match timings, player transfers and auctions, 3D highlights of game in real-time and so much more makes the game one of the top football management games out there. A few additions which can make it more interesting: 1. Making the individual player statistics bar more richer by addition of graphical features (something similar to FIFA player stats) (something similar to FIFA player stats) 2. Ability for managers to connect more with the players throughout the game 3. More association events
This game is fantastic yet there’s still potential for development. I love how it comes with 3D animation now. However this game is pricey. It is stupid to wait certain hours for players to regain their stamina 6% at the time. To speed it up, you have to spend Rests which cost quite a bit of money. In-app advertisements is extremely beneficial tho, to gain additional stuff needed.
It’s the best manegerial game I’ve played so far. My request is that you lessen the rate at which the players talents reduce at the conclusion of the season and instead those that have had a good season should have their abilities raised or atleast kept. And it would be preferable to also introduce a challenge for cleansheets and assists.

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