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Recently just became addicted to this game. I remember playing it in middle school, and I feel like there weren’t as many ads.. I get having some, and I like being able to get the chance to answer a different question after getting one wrong if I watch a 30 second ad. But it is annoying to have to cancel out of so many ads over and over again in the game.

Game is good, but there is a glitch during challenge games (music challenge at moment). After anwering a question in the last around 5 seconds, the game freezes while the time keeps running out, then it shown my answer was correct, yet I don’t get the point and lose a life. Please check and fix, cause it’s quite annoying having to lose lives because of a glitch in the game… Just to add to this, I just won a match (again in music challenge) 8-1 and it took a life from me and not the character.

Really fun game, I enjoy it a lot! The problem is how many ads there are. I’ve almost accidently bought stuff several times because they pop up as I’m about to click something else. And after every round finishes there’s always an ad. Also during the game itself. It does help a lot and challenges my brain, and is very fun. The amount of ads are ridiculous though

This game has made some changes since I last played it. You still have the traditional trivia challenge with others, which at times would lose its appeal, but now there are challenges. I love the additional game play a person can do. only down point is the frequency of ads in the middle of a question appearing that you have to exit out of while hoping the timer does not expire foe you to answer. Let’s be real, it is a free game and ads let it continue to be free. Love this game!

It’s a fun game. I’ve learned much about various topics. There’s also the ability to report wrong answers. There are a variety of categories trivia is drawn from; the random nature of the wheel makes the game more chance-based than some other games. It may be a nice feature to add a way to play based off one category only. However, the random nature of the game and the diverse categories allows a chance for fairness between age groups. It’s truly a game of random trivia. 🙂

I enjoy this game, when it works. It freezes up, the question and answer screen don’t show but timer still counts down so I lose my turn. The screen goes black and I’m not able to do anything with my phone. It takes about an hour before I can use it. All my connections are good. I really don’t want to uninstall the app. The game is supposed to be relaxing not causing anxiety.

Trivia Crack is really fun! You can play for free if you already have a game going with a person, and you all ways get more hearts, it just might take a little bit. The only reason why I put 4 stars is because there are a lot of ads, and sometimes after the ads the screen blacks out, and I have to wait for a notification from the game to go back, which takes a little bit.

My issue is something l have mentioned to the game makers a while ago and my complaint still seems viable. It’s not the ads (they have to make money), nor some of the insanely difficult questions (one cannot know every answer), but the ability to use a “correct answer” option on the Survival modes. Either you know it or you don’t. Letting a player use that cheat doesn’t indicate true trivia prowess, but, rather, let’s the ignorant simply move onto the next round. It’s unfair, simply put.

Great game with far too many ads. Continuing to move forward gets very expensive and the app freezes all the time, forcing you to shut down and re-enter, losing your progress again and again. 🙄

what a great game, such a good game. there’s so many different categories that you need some common sense to play this it isn’t like other quiz games I’ve played. all the little games on the side to earn tickets and such are great as well my favorite part about this game is the extras you can earn first off.

freezes sometimes after doing a challenge and have to close out and open again. there are a lot of ads that are a little annoying, but that’s what you have to deal with to play free games. other then that everything is really fun

The amount of ads in this game significantly affect the gameplay. To the point where I’m asking if playing it is actually worth it. I’m fully aware that this is a free version of the app; but I’m having to whitelist an extreme amount of ad providers and trackers on my network adblocker for the app to even work.

It used to be a lot of fun to play, but now I get an ad after every question, which is awful. Furthermore, all of the advertisements are pornographic and inappropriate. Also, for some reason, the game decided that I can read Dutch because all of the questions are in Dutch, which I don’t understand.

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