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[Free Download] Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure v6.10.0.1 Apk + Mod (Coins) App for Android

The blackout bingo ads and the ads that automatically take you to the app stores are causing phone crashes and are not giving any rewards for viewing them. They redirect you to the store and when you try to back out it takes you to a messed up screen before it crashes the game or restarts it without giving any reward for having viewed the entire ad. Please fix this, I play every day and really like the game other than that.

You walk around to get energy points. Then you use the energy points to make your discovery of a planet happen faster. When you visit each planet, the planet gives you coins which you in turn use to explore more planets and build food replicators to feed the inhabitants on the planets . It gets me moving. My only complaint is that the directions or information about how to play is really almost non existent. I keep having to ask my brother and nieces how to do stuff. That part is frustrating.

Cool app! Nothing to complain, really; the gameplay is quite amazing actually. Edit June 13, 2022: updated the app. Not sure what is going on but the performance is terrible when the previous version was perfect. Not sure what happened there….

Love this app. Really fun even if you only use the game aspects without the step tracking motivation. Planets are cute and fun to collect/upgrade. Look for me and send a friend request if you like!

Love it so far! The graphics and music are wonderful and it encourages walking while actually feeling like a game, instead of just a glorified pedometer. It would be great it the alien tasks reset at midnight instead of being on a 24hr timer. That would make is easier to do it every day.

It’s a really nice game and I like walking to explore the galaxy, but I can’t stand bringing my phone with me every time I get up to walk around my house a bit. I wish I could type in my steps manually from my preferred pedometer.

It’s nice. The only thing that’s bothering me that it drains too mich of my battery, and makes my phone pretty laggy, but there’s a very low chance im going to uninstall it, cuz i gotta admit it’s a rlly good app.

Takes some getting used to, but q really cool concept! Really wish that I was able to lower the daily goal to approx 5000 steps however

I’ve been playing this game for a little while and so far I like it. It’s cute and motivates me to exercise, especially when doing the Epics. I removed one star because it imports your full name when you connect your account to social media, and I prefer to use screen names, so I ended up making a Twitter account specifically for this purpose. It’s a very weird design choice. Some of the instructions could be a little clearer too. Also, the premium currency is exorbitantly expensive as usual.

At first it was a lot to take in. It truly is like a phone game. The only problem is advertisements appear random but why should I complain? I think the corgi is cute. I think it is odd there are food planets. The only problem that I have had is that I don’t walk enough. 🙂

Edit: 2 years later I still love this game. I love the asteroid belt and aliens they added! They are a little hard to get but I always come back to this game. It’s just so much fun and such a cute layout and great community. I love playing walkr. Its a bit hard in the beginning but its helped me play consistently because i always have something to work towards. I love that it connects with your steps too, definitely keeps that in mind to keep you a little more active!

Knowing that I’m storing energy for a game really does make walking a bit more of a priority. I also really like the simple art style.

Pros: Beautiful visual design, creative and relaxing style, with quirky little extras that keep things interesting. So awesome that it incentives walking, which I’m sure most of us need more of! The ads are non-obtrusive; only one ad appears upon open. Cons: The UI is a bit clunky, which detracts from the overall experience. It’s difficult to navigate through the planets, and there’s been a few glitches that I’ve noted so far. Would be better if there were more explanatory text for beginners.

Cute game! Love the concept and always wanted to give it a whirl, so I’m glad I have a phone with a pedometer in it now! It’s fun to check after a long walk and I love the little aliens. There are a few negatives: occasional typos, navigating between planets requires a lot of scrolling, Walkrdex is similarly bothersome to navigate, and there’s no way to turn off notifications inside the app itself. The message system could also use some optimizing.

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