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It is very annoying. It worked perfectly up to now. The app won’t update because of a bug. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it, but every time I tried, my play store freezes and I can’t download or update any other apps. This is because they’ll be waiting for this app’s update or fix. This has been fixed. We appreciate your prompt attention.

It’s a nice app and I recommend it. However, the Words view settings are not working properly. When I open a Word document of A4 size using this app, the view changes if the same file is opened using a Microsoft Word. When viewed on the system, some sub-topic headlines that start at the top of the page when typing on WPS might have 2-3 spaces drop down. These are all happening despite not using mobile view.

It is annoying to see the ads. It is otherwise too good. It allows for easy viewing, storage, and security of documents and data. Even personal data and documents feel safe and secure and are easy to access when needed. It is easy to save and share documents, as well as sharing them on different platforms via various online channels. This app will be a great addition to any mobile device.

This app is great on both android and apple. It crashes quite often, and I cannot figure out how to use features like the table of contents that would make it easier to navigate. These articles are not available on my phone. This is very unfortunate, as I work mainly from my smartphone.

It’s easy and convenient to use, with nice Microsoft office suits. It has been a great tool for me many times. It adds a link to a document when you send it. To me, this is confusing for the users. It’s much better to send a document with no link.

Excellent assistance with editing and viewing documents. It was easy to attach files to my email. It’s always pleasant. You can view, edit, and attach documents without a computer system or laptop.

Wps Office is friendly to people, and it is a wonderful tool for accomplishing the task. But don’t take my word for this, try it yourself. I wish you all the best in everything you do.

This app is very nice. You need to improve your cloud services. You should also minimize advertising as much as possible. There is no way to duplicate tables. You can’t just copy and paste words.

WPS Office is the most popular mobile office app. It is great that you can save files to the cloud. The user interface is futuristic and represents the best of modern UI mobile apps.

This app has only one add-on. I love that I can store my books in the wps office. I also have the option to lock my data. My data is not to be hidden, but to keep it safe. You can highlight and edit my books. Download is free.

Perhaps I am just imagining it, but I have come to like it after using it for a while. Once you learn its quirks, it’s very usable. You should not use important files with it until you are familiar with its quirks. I have accidentally deleted portions of documents.

Excellent work. If it is possible to convert word documents into PDF, please do so without paying the annual fee. I would be very grateful. Bravo to the creators. It’s a shame that I forgot to send the file via the WPS cloud. After being safe, it tells me to either send the file or the link. I press the latter and it takes time for the download which can cause problems especially if it’s urgent.

Although the application is excellent and easy to use, I would like to see double spacing between words, such as MS Office. We appreciate your kind words.

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