Google Pixel 6 could have a selfie-cam feature very few smartphones have

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Possible 4K video recording.

Google Pixel 6 could have a selfie-cam feature very few smartphones have

Shooting high-resolution videos is something you can do on quite some smartphones, with 4K and even 8K being available on many flagship phones – that’s no longer the case for the front-facing cameras although, in which 1080p is commonly the very best resolution (a quarter of that of 4K). For the Google Pixel 6, even though, that might not be the case.

This comes because a new edition of the Google Camera app has been launched and 9to5Google dug thru the code to find any interesting points of observe. As the identify of this newsletter shows, the Pixel 6 gets featured.

According to the code, the Google Pixel 6 may have its punch-hollow the front-going through digital camera cut-out moved – in the Pixel 5 it’s to the top left of the display screen, but seemingly the Pixel 6 could have it in the pinnacle middle.

That’s not the big information even though – we have additionally heard the Pixel 6 will document front-going through video at a 4K decision, some thing very, only a few smartphones do right now (and the few exceptions are first rate-premium telephones like the Huawei Mate 40 Pro).

 Why Google Pixel 6 4K the front camera recording?

If you are recording a TikTok video or sending a video of your self to a friend, you don’t need 4K video for the front-going through digicam, or maybe 1080p for that rely. But there are a few use instances where it may be very important.

Watch the primary 10 seconds of the above video. It changed into shot in 4K at the aforementioned Huawei Mate forty Pro, the use of the front-dealing with camera, although the finished video is 1080p.

When recording the video, way to it being at the the front-going through camera we should see ourselves, and consequently modify the frame better – as it was shot in 4K, we ought to therefore crop it extra whilst enhancing the video, to get the best attitude and framing we desired. If we might shot in 1080p, by way of the use of almost another cellphone, this wouldn’t be feasible.

So for experts, or those who’ll want fully-usable photos recorded on the front-going through digicam for various tasks, the capacity for a cellphone’s the front-facing digicam to record 4K video is a really useful device.

We’ll need to wait till the Google Pixel 6 launches to look if this is an real feature coming to the telephone, even though, or simply code within the app relating to something else. The cellphone is anticipated to launch towards the cease of 2021, so there’s a while to attend.

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